Ancient Race Of “Tiny People” Discovered In Wyoming?


The Crow People is the original nickname that was given to a native tribe that, for the longest of time now, believed in the existence of these small humanoid creatures that were as tall as 36 inches. Despite the fact that the creatures in themselves seem rather mythical, a researcher may have uncovered actual proof of their existence.

The researcher’s name is William Corliss and according to him, a massive graveyard in which more than 100,000 small humanoid specimens were discovered was unearthed in Coffee County.

This all happened quite a while ago, but it was only really made public in 1932 when two gold prospectors discovered yet another series of small humanoids surrounded by gold.

Henry Shapiro, a famous anthropologist actually uncovered a small creature of his own which he nicknamed Pedro. This creature was said to have died at the age of 65 after falling to his death but according to Shapiro himself, the creature may have died of a stroke to the head right before it fell.

Nobody knows what to make of these small humanoids but as far as we can tell, their remains are mostly kept hidden from us with the exception of Pedro who ended up being stored in a local pharmacy where it’s displayed to this very day.


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