Ancient Aliens On Mars: Life On Planet Mars Evidence

Feb 8, 2021

Will NASA ever actually accept the fact that there is life outside of our planet’s limitations? Most experts doubt this as for the most part it appears as though NASA will continue to deliberately berate any proof out there and mock it for no reason whatsoever. The proof was amassed my studying their own pictures that the rovers Curiosity, Opportunity and Spirit all captured over the years and they’re all pretty interesting to say the least and yet NASA will continue to avoid offering any straight answer to it in the first place.

NASA have been silent about this; they’ve been effectively silent about it all and for good reason too as they don’t want the general public to get a good look at the evidence otherwise their secret mission is over. Check out the following video if you want to find out more about what we’re talking about. You can see this strange rock on the surface of Mars that appears to be weirdly shaped and even metallic.

NASA have stated on multiple occasions that the discoveries are non sequential and yet whenever a new discovery is made as of late, they don’t even address it anymore. This is according to experts’ direct proof that we’re getting closer and closer to the truth as we are nearing our final checkpoint and NASA is driven into its corner as it can no longer deny the evidence that we bring up to them.


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