Ancient Aliens: ALIEN DNA FOUND ON EARTH (Season 14) | History

Great Video ! Gives us some good ideas on why the Aliens study us and are so interested in our Genetics and evolution thru out our life. We are  probably becoming more like them ! It’s to think about but makes a lot of sense to me anyway. We Have Never Been Alone ! We Are The Disclosure!

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  1. Hello! Alien DNA found on Earth is obviously Elohim DNA left over when the Elohim created life on Earth including human life too.It is a very exciting find for Raelians and non-Raelians alike and according to the Elohim through are prophet Rael Adam and EVE were black no doubt the Elohim lab was located in Africa aka Kama.No doubt when we create life for the first time DNA will be a valuable tool in such a operation of sorts.Somewhere in that alien DNA there is a connection or a oneness to life on Earth but life everywhere in the universe.Let us wait and see what potential lies in our DNA in the future.


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