UFOs and extraterrestrials have been around for thousands of years. The evidence shows that they have been with us since recorded history. Clearly, they are very interested in us. What is our relationship with the ETs, and particularly, the grays? Could they be our ancestors? Are they time travelers from the future? Have they intervened in humanity’s evolution? Why do virtually all reports of aliens involve humanoids? And what about the fact that some ETs look just like us? There are many questions and mysteries surrounding UFOs and our relationship with them. This video presents more than a dozen cases from across the world in which the ETs have provided information and answers to these questions. These cases show that our relationship with the ETs might be much closer than many people realize. We are not alone in the universe. And as these cases will show, the separation between “us” and “them” might be an illusion. We are all one! If you would like to explore more about these cases and our relationship to the extraterrestrials, check out my book, “Not from Here: Volume Two.” Now available!



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  1. Hello! Yes the aliens are us however the diagram showing us evolving from apes is inaccurate to say the least and evolution will always be a theory along with the god theory but this diagram should show another possibility.Which has been put forth from the Raelian movement since 1974 and that is once again that humans were created in a lab by Elohim scientists from another planet our ET creators! This goes for the rest of life as well from the smallest to the largest.Leaving that part out of the creation of life and humanities beginnings story would be doing a disservice to rationale scientific atheist evidence to the contrary next to these two unproven theories.With the help of science and technology we will naturally in time be able to prove or demonstrate concrete evidence that what has been said or put forth by the Raelian movement since 1974 is true beyond a reasonable doubt.


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