Aliens? My Opinion Is That They Can Only Be Humanoids Like Us. And I Will Explain Why

A realization that is usually followed by the question: What might aliens look like? Honestly, no one knows. Perhaps life on other planets evolved without physical form or with no fixed form – perhaps some aliens are nothing more than sentient clouds, or who have mutable bodies that can alter to suit the needs of the moment. – – Subscribe for more videos ►… Patreon ►… Business Enquiries ► – – However, it is possible that other elements can take its place – the most popular alternative being silicon. Scientists including Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan have discussed this possibility, with Sagan even coining the term “carbon chauvinism” to describe our preconception that carbon must be the basis of life everywhere. If it does exist, silicon-based life would look nothing like what we have on Earth. For one, silicon requires much higher temperatures to reach a highly reactive state. The planetary environment in which life evolves obviously matters. Gravity, for example, is a key factor that influences the development of all organisms. – – “If You happen to see any content that is yours, and we didn’t give credit in the right manner please let us know at and we will correct it immediately”




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