Alien Zoos

Sep 5, 2020
ETs have been studying our planet for a very long time. They seem to be interested in all things Earth. They have taken humans onboard their craft. They have collected a wide variety of plants. And they are also taking animals. In fact, there are several cases on record in which experiencers have seen collections of live animals onboard UFOs. This video is not about animal mutilations; it’s about something much more bizarre. As strange as it sounds, some abductees report being taken to visit alien zoos, containing animals from Earth, and also animals from other planets. Some UFOs, it seems, are very much like “Noah’s Ark,” preserving a wide variety of species. Some of these cases have a very high level of strangeness, including chimera-like creatures from ancient mythology, or even in a few cases, dinosaur-like creatures. The ETs’ interest in animals is also betrayed by the many cases in which UFOs and extraterrestrials have been caught taking animals of all kinds. Farm animals seem to be a primary target, but a wide variety of animals have been abducted into UFOs. In a few cases, ETs seem to be particularly interested in our closest animal companions, dogs and cats. One case contains a shocking revelation explaining why they have such a strong interest in our pets. Alien zoos may sound strange, but there are too many cases to ignore. Something very strange is happening here. If you’d like to learn more about Alien Zoos, please check out the book, “Not from Here: Volume One,” now available on Amazon.…


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