Extraterrestrial Gardeners

Aug 28, 2020
ETs are abducting people and collecting their genetic material. They are abducting animals. And they are also abducting plants! As these accounts will show, ETs have been collecting a wide variety of plants for a very long time. And that’s not all. If you are taken onboard a UFO, the last thing you might expect to see is a forest. And yet, this has happened more than you might think. And the cases get even stranger. In some cases, ETs provide advice about gardening. In others, they use more direct methods. Imagine a UFO shines down and causes a plant to double in size. There’s more than one case like it! Why are ETs collecting plants and growing forests onboard UFOs? What is the motive behind this agenda? ETs have been warning people about Earth changes for many years. Perhaps they have decided to take action themselves. Could UFOs be like Noah’s Ark, trying to save the species of our planet? Only one thing is for sure: ETs are here, and they are taking our plants. If you are interested in learning more about cases like these, see my book, “Not from Here: Volume 2,” available on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/153280458X/…


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