Alien Stargates On Earth

Could these mysterious morphing light anomalies in the sky be proof of UFO or Alien Stargates on Earth? Sightings of these morphing, self-luminous UFO anomalies being caught on tape are becoming more & more common, but what are they? Experts are baffled as to what they are. Are they UFOs or perhaps an interdimensional wormhole for UFOs or Alien Stargates?? Dimensional Entities? Shapeshifting UFOs? Interdimensional Wormhole Portals? Interstellar UFO Mothership? Angels or Demons? Intelligent Light Forms? These morphing light portals appear to be just a light form in the sky — a star or planet — but upon closer inspection it seems they are much more; shapeshifting, possibly intelligent, light; or a stargate to another dimension. All of these videos were shot in North America and I tried to show you these anomalies videotaped from different distances, but it’s not easy to tell because most of these were shot at night. From what I can tell, none of these light forms were moving (besides from an unsteady hand). This leads me to believe that they are not UFOs, at least as far as we have become accustomed to; but possibly a stationary mothership. These particular anomalies seem to be far into the sky, so their size must be huge. So could they be a UFO Mothership? Interdimensional time portals? Some have even suggested that they may be angels or possibly even demons. In the first video, a man in Minneapolis notices a small but bright ball of light, brighter than all the stars and planets, in the sky. Suspecting it may be a UFO he grabbed his camera. Upon zooming in he noticed that not only was the light stationary it was emitting huge rays of colors and light. In Canada, another witness also notices a bright stationary ball of light in the sky. He too zooms in to find that it’s shimmering and morphing. Being so high in the sky he suspects that whatever the anomaly is, it must be huge. In Mexico, this UFO/Wormhole sighting made the news. I’m not sure exactly what was said, but the debate as to what it was seemed to draw no conclusions. . Judging by the videos, it’s the same story…a bright ball of light in the sky. Upon zooming in it becomes much more. She believes these are angels, and seeing their beauty floating in the night sky I can see why someone may suspect that. Some in the UFO community believe that they are shape-shifting interstellar motherships. What do YOU think?

Great Video I found tonight while doing my nightly research time surfing the Internet then quietly head to my back porch to sky watch for 20 to 30 minutes to give my eyes a break from the computer screen and TV. Then head back to start the cycle over.

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