Alien Fresh Jerky

Finally the worlds of UFO enthusiasts and beef jerky lovers have come together in this roadside shop.

Do you like jerky and love aliens, but don’t have enough time to really dig into both interests? Then Alien Fresh Jerky is the roadside attraction for you.

Luis Ramallo first opened this meat shop with his wife and eldest son in 2000, in Crystal Springs, Nevada, a few miles down the road from its current location. Now the store is located in Baker, California along I-15 between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Alien Fresh Jerky successfully lures hundreds of thousands of travelers a year, thanks to its commitment to the two most important pillars of the classic tourist trap: snacks and a kitschy theme.

Alien Fresh Jerky is an immersive dried meat space experience, featuring a bold, rotating decor of seemingly endless alien and spaceship props. Jerkies range from the familiar to the out-of-this-world, including varieties such as “Abducted Cow Teriyaki,” “BBQ on the Moon,” and “Space Cowboy.” You’ll also find a wide array of hot sauces, plenty of souvenirs, and a man with vision.

Inspired by the success of his jerky store and the legends surrounding the nearby Area 51, Ramallo believes that this whole alien thing has the potential to transform Baker from desert pit stop to ultimate alien destination. Ramallo has even envisioned a $30 million UFO-themed hotel, including themed rooms, fine dining, and retail opportunities. But, until the funding mothership swoops in for his cosmic project, we’ll have to be content with jerky.

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