Alien Disclosure 2020 – Will It Happen?(Part 2)


In a crazy year, what was once unthinkable in just about any area of our world views has been turned on its head during 2020. It’s a crazy year, one of the most turmoil-ridden years in human history, 2020 has proven that anything is possible. But most of it has been in a negative light. So what about an alien disclosure? Wouldn’t it be something that would bring us all back together as the human race? Disclosure has been talked about ad infinitum and has picked up speed in the past four years since the New York Times published two videos showing navy pilots chasing a UFO in 2017. Aliens Revealed Live produced a disclosure feature during an online summit in February 2020. Thirty experts were asked what they they thought about the chances of a full disclosure and what would the world look like post disclosure? The answers were wide and varied.

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