Alien Bathroom Encounters


By Global ET Research

One oddity – yet a commonality – about alien bathrooms is their communal nature and the embarrassment that ensues when an ET Experiencer (i.e., alien abductee) is forced to use one. It’s possible the communal or very public nature of most extraterrestrial bathroom settings is because of ET telepathy: “All is Known” so there’s no need for privacy. The openness of their bathroom settings is most likely also due to the fact that plumbing on board a craft or inside an underground or undersea base is constructed quite differently than plumbing on the surface of a planet. One only needs to imagine life aboard the International Space Station or life inside a submarine for 9 months or more at a time.

Another possible reason for the odd and embarrassing alien bathroom scenarios is that most of the ETs simply don’t care about servicing our biological need to relieve ourselves, just as a zoo or a veterinarian’s office would not care whether the animal has privacy or whether it’s kept clean. Some believe zoos are for educational purposes, but at the end of the day, they exist for voyeuristic and monetary purposes (tourism). A Veterinarian’s office or hospital visit is of a temporary nature, consisting of performing medical procedures and then releasing their patients back to their owners. Also, ETs probably do not defecate or urinate as humans do and if they do, their biological functions may be so different from ours that bathrooms such as we are accustomed, do not exist because they are not necessary.

Alien Trans Handicap Bathroom signOver the years we have – quite by accident – collected several “Alien Bathroom Reports” from people we know to be bonafide ET Experiencers. One of the things we noticed right off was that most of them came from women. No, this doesn’t mean women are abducted more often than men, but it might mean that women are more likely to talk about having to use the bathroom while aboard an ET craft or in one of their underground bases or wherever these ETs take them. It’s also not as biologically “convenient” for a woman to use the bathroom as it is for a man and this might make it more likely that women would remember having to use an “alien” bathroom more often than men.

The following 18 accounts are from people who have been abducted or taken by what they perceive as ETs or non human entities, during which time they had to use an “alien bathroom.” They are presented in no particular order. When possible, we have designated the type of ET that was present during the alien bathroom encounter.


First Hand Accounts of “Alien Bathrooms”

Man Woman Alien Bathroom Sign

“One bathroom I was in looked more like an area for showering. The lighting was dim, but along the entire wall, I could see unusual wall units. They were an opalescent peach color and were built form-fitted in a contiguous design, appearing as one long row of showers. The walls appeared wavy in such a manner that each section was its own stall with the sides coming out several inches, but not as far as a wall like we have in our showers. It was the most modern appearing shower system I had ever seen. I used one of these showers as did a man who was there. I have no idea who he was. I saw an area higher up where water came out, but I’m not certain water was actually dispensed. It could have been a form of energy that came out and cleaned the user. There was a device one pushed in the center, but the controls were a bit vague. I think they were motion activated or activated by the individual’s body temperature.”


“I went inside a large bathroom that was quite large and it was very clean and modern looking. It had various square and rectangular layers on the floor. There were drains, but no areas to sit on, such as an actual toilet seat. It appeared they were to be used while standing and there was very little privacy. I actually left this room to look for a more private toilet, but there was no privacy to be found on this ship. In the end, I used one of the large square areas that had a higher rise on it since I could sit on it, even though it was still very near to the ground and difficult to use properly.”

Blonde Hybrid

“I was with a blond alien hybrid in a communal bathroom. I had planned to use the toilet, but it was a ‘typical alien bathroom.’ It was one large room with a lot of toilets and the walls weren’t tall enough to ensure privacy, so anyone could look at you if they wanted. So, as I sat on a toilet, the blond hybrid walked by and sort of laughed. I giggled from embarrassment. I should be so used to people seeing me on the toilet in these alien situations, but I guess I’m still a little embarrassed. Oh! And, then to find out the wall wasn’t really there after all! The wall was only an illusion in order to make me feel ‘okay’ about using the toilet.”

Unknown ETs

“I had to use the bathroom and there were all of these women around…. it’s always the same, except sometimes there are men and women sharing the same communal bathroom. I managed to find a semi private toilet… these situations are always humiliating.”

ETs with Elongated Paracas Type Heads

“I remember seeing a very tan female but her skin looked like chocolate or something not of this world. Her hair was an intense blond color with darker stripes in it. She also had intense strange eyes. She was near a 7-foot tall alien who was very thin with a very tall head or skull. The skull was narrow and covered with dark skin. There was a distinct bathroom scene from this night. There was a shower with feces on the floor. It was a communal bathroom with three women in it. I told them, ‘Well, I guess this means we’re all abductees…’ and one of the women nodded and sighed, ‘yeah…’ ”

Cavern or Underground Facility

“I was told about an energy field that they led me to believe they didn’t know much about. I reached out my right hand to an area in the cavern and immediately felt the energy field. I told whoever was there, ‘Here it is. I can feel it.’ I then showed them the path. I went back and forth and walked around until I found where it began, inside the cavern, but it seemed to be in the middle of the area. There weren’t any devices or rocks that I could see. It was in the middle of an area in an open space – like midway up from the ground at about waist high for me.

I then followed the energy and traced it to my left across some distance into some water. There was a lot of water here – like water underground, but I still saw the red rock and dirt.

I think the next thing I saw was a tiny triangular area made out of wood that was supposed to be a toilet. Then the next thing I know, I’m in a small room using a toilet. There is a half-wall next to me and there’s a lot of toilet paper around the toilet. There are also a pair of child’s panties lying on the ground with what looks like urine saturated in them.

I used the bathroom and looked to my right and saw two young people watching me. They weren’t normal. They were like children, but they were not children. I have been through this before and decided to keep urinating, since I had to go so badly. I looked at them and said sarcastically and rather tiredly, ‘I just love using the bathroom with people watching me.’ They do this a lot, and I’m tired of it.” (2007)


ET Not Given

“I also remembered having to use a strange bathroom that probably wasn’t a bathroom at all. These strange, dirty and broken bathrooms – it’s all we have to use. I’m beginning to suspect these are probably not really all bathrooms.”


Hybrid Encounter

“I was in a somewhat sterile looking place. I saw a hallway with nothing in it, but I was being led or directed into a room by two hybrid looking entities; diminutive looking with black eyes. Eyes smaller than the grays. I saw what I thought was a bathroom and the light in this area was brighter as if they wanted me to go in there. I went inside and it seemed different. I saw white and silver metallic like things making me think it was a bathroom, but there wasn’t a toilet.”

“I was there because I had to use the bathroom and I was told this was where I was supposed to use it. At the end of the room was a rectangular shaped object with all sorts of tubes connected to it. Tubes and equipment made up most of this apparatus.

I saw a young woman with white hair and she stood up and approached me. I could see through parts of the device and it almost appeared to be a medical device. I was then shown what I was supposed to use as a toilet. It was a medium high white bin. I didn’t feel comfortable about this prospect, especially the part about having to use the bathroom in front of this girl.

I took the bin away from her area to the opposite side of the room so I could have some privacy and noticed that it smelled terrible. Someone else had used it prior to me and the feces were still inside. They looked unusual. They were a white, pale-green color. I thought that either the person who used it prior was sick, or these were not human feces. I managed to use the bathroom even though this young woman kept communicating with me and I felt exceptionally uncomfortable. She was very nice and was excited to be communicating with me, but I was humiliated and I was glad when it was finally done.

Afterward, she instructed me to take a box shaped container and pour a bit of its contents into the bin. It was a white crystalline powder and it appeared to do its work instantly. I think this may have been why the feces I saw in the can when I originally picked it up were the white, pale green color. I believe the crystalline powder substance is absorbed by the waste material and helps to processes the waste. It was still there but it was a different color.

The rectangular device with the tubes was what processed the waste once it was transferred from the bin to the device. This complicated contraption actually processed the waste. This set up looked quite medical and scientific in appearance and certainly unlike anything I have ever seen humans use on the surface. I also did not see anything else in the room except for this device, the bin and the young woman, however, all around me was a vast underground base with all sorts of activity occurring.”


Short Chubby Brown ETs

“I was in a room with a woman who had blonde hair. She looked human and was very sick and she was using the bathroom. There were no toilets in this place and this young woman was squatting over something white that was on the floor. Whatever the aliens forced her to drink was causing her to lose her bowels. She had profuse diarrhea with blood in it and she appeared to be in a lot of pain. The place we were in was filthy with feces and blood on the walls and floors. I’ve never seen anything like it. The room looked like a cluttered closet and I thought I saw a toilet but it didn’t work any longer. It was like everything was old and run down and they didn’t know how to repair it.”


ET Not Remembered

“I saw some other people last night; several women. I remember that one was elderly and was wearing a yellow cotton bathrobe and she looked totally out of it, like a zombie. Another lady who was heavy set was there too, as well as a few others. We were all together in one of their ‘communal’ type bathrooms. It was degrading as usual. I’ve been shaking for the past two days. It must have something to do with either the travel aspect of it or their experiments. I can’t remember much, only that I feel weak from whatever they did to us.”


ET Type Not Remembered

“I walked into the bathroom and it reminded me of a bathroom on an airplane, only larger. There was a stainless sink, toilet and a panel to the left of the toilet. Someone had urinated in the toilet and didn’t flush, so I bent down to flush it before I used it. So – I went to the bathroom knowing that at anytime, someone could walk in on me, but I didn’t care. I just went, flushed the toilet and I guess I left after that. I don’t know why I’d see an airplane toilet since I haven’t flown on a plane in 20 years.”


Male Experiencer

“There was a bathroom with an actual shower that had a three way sliding system to turn on the water and it looked like a self contained unit. After I turned on the device, I don’t remember anything except drying off. It was then I noticed I was actually in a very large room with glass walls.”


Dark Skin, Possible Time Travelers

“The four dark haired time-traveling Russians were there sitting at a table and they watched me make certain observations. They appeared human, but I suppose they could have been hybrids. Whatever they were, I felt that they could travel through time. I recognized them from 30 years prior and these men did not appear old – they appeared to be in their 40’s. Then, as usual, I had to find a bathroom. When I did, I entered the room and it was a very long narrow hallway. At the end was a sink and the walls were so narrow I could barely turn around. This was my last memory.”


ETs Not Remembered

“I did have to use the loo whilst there and it was of typical ET construct; somewhat large and square with two doors on either side that bolted from the outside so one has no privacy whilst inside. They control these rooms in this fashion – it’s always the case. This one had a square sink like object that someone had used as a toilet as it was full of white tissue saturated with urine and it also had feces on it. Attached to that and on the floor was a larger ‘toilet’ area that was raised about 6 to 8 inches above the ground that had a raised area, and this was also a toilet. I decided to use that since it was cleaner.”


Possible Joint Human-ET Compound


“This place I was in was huge. At first I was told it was a man’s house, but this was no house. It was more like a compound that contained an aircraft hangar. It was square, slightly rectangular and there was a lot of glass. This place was huge and it had tall sliding glass doors. These are doors like you’d see in a two-story hangar. I liked the place – it was very impressive – and there was a hell of a lot going on there.

I had to use the bathroom and I found one of theirs. It was supposed to be the kids’ bathroom. I walked inside and it had a door that looked old and used. To the left was a wall that was tiled and I took it to be a shower. There was no tub or tub pan, and the floor had a slight slope to it and there was a drain in the middle of the room. The room was about 10 x 10 and the entire left wall was a shower. Directly across the room to the right was a toilet. It seemed like a normal toilet. I used it and I think I flushed it. This toilet actually flushed.

Across the room and door was what I thought was a sink area. I thought I saw a mirror however, I don’t remember seeing my reflection, so there probably wasn’t a mirror there. The tile colors were muted…like subway tiles, but I saw the colors black, green and purple. Not shiny tiles. Some dark gray tiles too. The bathroom looked a bit out of date for this place. Everything else seemed ultra modern, except this bathroom.”


Unknown ETs

“When I found a bathroom I went inside and then shut the metal door and then someone opened the door but there really isn’t a door. I hate this. They make me think I’m in a bathroom when I’m really not.”


Unknown ETs

“The bathroom was very long and seemed to also be a storage room because it was quite cluttered. There was a door at the other end so that people could enter from two different sides of the craft. There were other people or some type of activity on the other side from where I was because I could hear people and I thought I saw someone walk by just as I sat down to use to the bathroom.”


Alien Bathroom Shower Curtain

While searching the Internet to see if anyone else had written about Alien Bathrooms and encounters therein, all we came across were sites selling bathroom supplies and related images from sites such as Amazon. Since they obviously “borrowed” from the Contact Community’s decades long struggle to bring this information and art to the public’s attention, we thought we’d return the favor and publish some of their, oops, we mean, Alien Abductee-Experiencers’ art. Here is a shower curtain to go along with your Alien Bathroom signs. Enjoy.


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