Alien Abduction Of Lori Briggs



I first met Lori Briggs, an attractive UCLA graduate in her early 20s, on May 5, 1979. Her case had been brought to my attention by Ann Druffel, a veteran Los Angeles UFO investigator, who had learned of it through another UFO witness whose case we were studying.


This witness, Emily Cronin, had experienced a close encounter of the third kind several years earlier which had led to a full-scale abduction shortly after. Since these encounters, Emily has been plagued by weird nocturnal visitations during which little, whitish, dome-headed entities would suddenly appear in her room, urging her to go with them.


Their appearances were invariably accompanied by “whining noises.” It was while studying her case that Emily told Ann that she had a young friend who had experienced a similar visitation in 1975. We, of course, were eager to talk with Lori and hear about this incident directly from her. Little did we know what we were about to uncover.


Our first meeting with Lori took place at Emily’s lovely Tujunga Canyon mobile home, an inviting but secluded home nestled in the desert-like canyons just outside the Los Angeles megalopolis. Lori turned out to be a very intelligent young woman, currently working in the field of computer technology.



Although we were primarily interested in discussing her 1975 experience, Lori opened the interview by telling us that she had undergone two different experiences. The first occurred in 1970, she told us, when she was living in Redondo Beach, Calif. She was, 16 years old at the time, and the visitation occurred late at night.


“I just remember that it was an extremely strange experience,” she began. “I was dead asleep and I was dragged out of sleep. I don’t know tiow to describe it exactly-and I’ve never experienced that since-it was as if some force came in and just dragged me out of sleep.”


When she awoke Lori found herself paralyzed and with her eyes closed. But she was overcome by the intuitive feeling that some sort of beings were in the room with her.


They kept mentally telling her, she believed, to “prepare herself” because some special being was about to make his presence known.


Moments later Lori opened her eyes to see this creature by her bed. She could only see a dim outline of the being, but could clearly see its long, thin whitish fingers and its red glowing eyes.



“I don’t even know the power the eyes had,” Lori told us, “but they were extremely intense-almost as if they were lights or something. They held me, and it seemed as if I was held in that gaze for eternity. And then everything broke-as if everything were gone.”


She went on to tell us that her next experience occurred in the summer of 1975.


She had recently graduated from UCLA, and was living in an apartment building facing a busy street in Panorama City, a suburb of Los Angeles situated in the middle of the San Fernando Valley. This area is a rather crowded extension of Los Angeles itself which, despite its rather bucolic name, is populated by about two million people. Lori was living with a roommate, Jo Maine, and was sharing a bedroom when the incident occurred.


On this occasion, though, Lori was “tipped off” that something unusual was about to happen. Jo, Lori explained to us, was a chronic insomniac who often spent hours trying to get to sleep. On this fateful night, Lori noted with interest that Jo fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. It was about midnight, and Lori sensed that her roommate had fallen into an abnormal sleep. It was too deep and too sudden; almost as if she had been drugged.


Lori gave a little shiver as she went on recounting that night’s adventures.



“The next thing I remember was voices again,” she explained. “The next thing I remember was that I was communicating with someone or some beings. But I was talking to them by mental telepathy. I knew because I was conversing with them, but no sounds were being made. It was through my mind. It was happening, and I knew that I talked for a long while. And then it started telling me that I should ‘go with them,’ and I said I didn’t want to go. And all of a sudden this high-pitched sound started and I knew it was coming from them.”


After engaging in a battle of wills with the beings, Lori discovered that Jo was out cold.


She had to shake her hard to get her awake. It was at that time that she realized that a considerable amount of time had passed-more than she could remember or calculate passing. Apparently a time-lapse had occurred, she admitted to us with a little embarrassment. This claim was later verified by Jo, who told us some weeks later that, upon awakening, it felt as it a “chunk of her life” had been taken from her. This time-lapse experience, then, must have been very obvious to both women.


Lori and Jo were terrified by this time and called Emily in Tujunga after they had fled from the bedroom. That’s when Emily first heard the story, but she never told either of the other women that she had experienced similar visitations.


It took Lori about 20 minutes to tell us this story. Unfortunately, we were a bit disappointed in it for several reasons. Everything Lori reported to us was consistent with Emily’s own experiences which had resulted from her two UFO close encounters.



Although this, in itself, was strikingly impressive, it seemed as it Lori was undergoing some mental block about precisely what had happened that eerie night. Although Lori had described to Emily how she actually saw a group of small, white, large~headed entities in her room, she now could not recall actually seeing them in the room that night.


Her experience seemed to be solely a mental one. Emily had also told us that it was not the time-lapse that had provoked Lori’s call , but that it had been prompted by some bizarre experiences that occurred in the apartment after her friends had been awoken from their paralysis or trance. According to Emily, Lori and Jo had fled from the bedroom and gone into the kitchen where they were trying to figure out what had happened to them when suddenly they heard a high-pitched whining noise in the apartment. A bright light, which apparently emanated from a 1arge vacant field next to their apartment complex, had then illuminated the room.


As we sat in Emily’s mobile horne, we gradually reminded Lori of her phone conversation with Emily. As Emily carefully told her of the light and the sounds; and gently went over the evening’s events with her, Lori became tremendously excited. It seemed as if her mental block was finally lifting and a look of astonishment came over her face.


“Wait a minute! That’s right,” she began shouting. “And there was a light. It came shining through the window in the back. Now I’m remembering it. And it really scared me to death. I’m really remembering it!”


Interestingly, though, Lori did not associate her experience with a UFO at all. Ann and I, on the other hand, began to realize that there was probably something more to Lori’s story. Our suspicions were verified later that evening when I began questioning her about the experiences she had had, and whether she could relate them to any life problems or changes she was undergoing at the time.



I was also curious about any dreams she might have had which seemed to tie in with her experiences. Lori, though, couldn’t associate her experiences with any life crises, so my line of enquiry seemed headed for a dead end. But later that evening, after we had concluded our interview with her, something very strange happened.



Ann and I were talking to Emily about her UFO experiences, while Lori was busying herself with a little sketch pad. (Earlier we had asked her to sketch the being she had seen in her room during her first experience in 1970.)


As Emily was talking about her close encounters, I glanced over to Lori and noticed that she was sketching a picture of a young woman suspended over a table. A light from underneath the table was illuminating it. The picture piqued my interest since it was virtually identical to the type of “examination tatlles” and “examinations” that many UFO abductees have described being subjected to during their kidnappings. In fact, this sketch was very similar to a drawing made by another UFO abductee whose case Ann and I were studying at the time.


I kept this all to myself, of course, and merely asked Lori what her drawing represented. I carefully avoided any mention of UFOs and asked no leading questions.



“I’m not really sure,” Lori explained, “but you were asking me about my dreams and I started thinking about it. And I seemed to have an awareness suddenly-it happened in my brain-of being suspended, not by anything physical, but by a force just above a very long, flat table. There’s a light underneath it. And what I think it really did was to shine through my body and you saw the skeleton of it. ”


These comments excited me even more. Lori, who had read very little on UFOs in general, could not have known that many abductees have found themselves hovering over examination tables instead of lying on them.


Lori went on to explain that this picture just “popped” into her mind spontaneously as she thought about her 1975 experience. She felt that this drawing-or rather the experience depicted within it-related to that episode but she didn’t know how.


To us, however, it seemed clear what may have happened. The time-lapse she experienced after making contact with the voices, the whining noises, the bright light from the vacant field, and the examination, all suggested that Lori might have been abducted from her apartment by a UFO which had landed in the field next to her building.


We kept our suspicions from Lori, but did tell her that hypnosis might be a tool we could use to help her more clearly remember what happened to her that night. Since Lori had no fear of hypnosis, and knew full well that she was “blocking out” some of what had occurred, she was happy to undergo an exploratory hypnotic session.



Our first session took place on May 30th. Ann drafted W. C. McCall, an Anaheim physician, to act as hypnotist, Bill is interested in UFOs as well as hypnosis and has served as the President of the American Institute of Hypnosis and as Secretary to the American College of Medical Hypnotists. The regression was held in a lounge at the hospital where Bill is on call.


Ann and I taped the session, while Emily Cronin came along to give Lori moral support. Lori turned out to be an exemplary subject and had no trouble entering into hypnosis.


After being regressed back to 1975, Lori began reliving her nightmarish ordeal in vivid detail. She began to tell us how the arrival of alien beings into her room was presaged by odd noises.


”They’re strange noises,” she told us, “like frequency noises.” She then relived the experience of seeing the beings right in the room with her. Her description of them was the same as the one she had given Emily over the phone four years before. One of the beings, she reported, was standing right next to her. He was only three or four feet tall, very thin, and had a large head. The creature had only a hole for a mouth, and its head looked too large for its body.


“I get the idea I’m supposed to come with them,” she mumbled. “It wants to show me something.”



Speaking in the present tense, Lori explained that she didn’t want to go with the beings. Nonetheless, the aliens proceeded to give her a demonstration of their power. In vivid detail, Lori excitedly told us how the beings were able to float about the room and levitated objects with light which they projected from their hands. Finally, they levitated her off the bed and enveloped her in their light.


She found herself outside the apartment moments later, after passing through the solid walls of her room, moving towards a dark, dome-shaped object resting in the field next to her apartment house. Once in the dome, Lori found herself being examined. “I’m staring at myself,” she explained. “In this mirror I see myself . . . . It’s almost as if my veins and arteries are tubes in which the blood seems as if it’s light going through them .. . I think I’m being studied … I’m really not sure what they’re finding out; exactly . . . . ”


Lori also told us how, to implement the examination, the beings had floated her above the table, which seemed composed of some substance resembling stone. The obvious similarity between Lori’s report and the spontaneous drawing she had previously made for us was self-evident.


“They do so many things with light,” Lori went on to say as she described the examination she was undergoing.


“That’s their power. It’s all light and they have these different kinds of stone that act as different kinds of shields with the light and filters. It allows light to do a lot of different things. Also takes imprints of the light. That creates certain records for them.”


All this talk about the use of light didn’t make much sense to us. Lori seemed to be catching hold of vague recollections rather than telling us about something that was happening to her. She also seemed to realize that her descriptions and observations were cryptic at best.


“I don’t really understand it, but I do. That’s what’s so weird,” she explained. We, of course, were very interested in how the aliens were communicating with her and with one another. Lori recalled that they made rapid clicking and guttural sounds when talking with one another, though they spoke to her through telepathy. She also seemed to understand that her abduction experience was well planned. The dome in which she found herself was only a module, she sensed, which had been sent to Earth from a UFO still out in space.


“They want to take me along because I was really a good subject,” she told us. They wanted to take her to a “mothership,” she went on to explain, so that she could be trained for something or for some purpose, but she couldn’t understand what.


It was at this point that the aliens tried to mentally coerce her to comply with their wishes, but Lori staged a mental fight against them. She then found herself back in her apartment, paralyzed. Before we could explore her memories in depth, Lori suddenly popped out of the hypnosis! With wide open eyes, she looked like a little child who had been awakened from a deep slumber and didn’t quite know where she was. “I’ve lost it,” she exclaimed apologetically.


Under the circumstances the only thing Bill could do was re-hypnotize her and try picking up the narrative at the critical moment where it had left off. But Lori had another little surprise in store for us. After reentering hypnosis at Bill’s suggestions, Lori suddenly began reliving her 1970 experience, but added no new light on it.



As far as Ann and I were concerned, the session had been a curious mixture of success and failure. We had indeed uncovered a previously “hidden” abduction case of which even the witness had been unaware. Lori ‘s story also fit neatly into the types of experiences other abductees have come up with.


This fact impressed us especially since Lori has read nothing on UFO abductions. On the other hand, there were many puzzles relating to her experiences which we wanted to explore. Just how had she gotten out of her apartment, right through solid walls, and to the UFO? How had she returned?


Why did the aliens want to train her? And why had Jo been left behind? All these questions needed answering, and since none of them had been resolved during this session, we decided to conduct a second regression with Lori as soon as would be convenient.


Even Lori seemed perplexed by what she had revealed while hypnotized.


Since she had been only lightly entranced, she remembered everything she had described while reliving her experience. Lori was as intrigued with following up the session as we were. It seems that she was having much difficulty accepting what had happened.


As we left McCall’s lounge that night, I noticed that she was unusually quiet. “Did you expect to remember an abduction?” I asked her softly as we were walking through the hospital parking lot to my car. “I didn’t know what to expect,” she answered: Then she paused, and looked at me for a moment. “How much of all this is real?” she asked. Unfortunately, I couldn’t give her an answer.


Our next session with Lori was scheduled for June 12th. Once again Lori, Ann, Emily, and I all joined together to explore our subject’s new-found memories. This time we decided to conduct the session at Ann’s Pasadena home, thinking these less formal conditions might help to relax Lori. I acted as hypnotist, while Ann monitored the tape.


Now that Bill had helped Lori recall most of the missing moments of her 1975 time-lapse, my job was merely to help her fill in the gaps which marred her total recall of the events.


After being hypnotized by a mixture of verbal suggestion and progressive muscular relaxation, Lori began recounting her abduction experience in more detail than she had done during the McCall session. She now noticed that the being who had stood by her bed did not seem to be wearing clothing yet didn’t appear naked. The creature seemed to be sexless. Once again she described how the whitish, spindly. alien with the oversized head urged her to come with him.


“Lights, light, I’m surrounded by light,” she explained as she told of being transported to the aliens’ UFO. I tried to make Lori live this experience by asking her to decelerate the action to slow-motion, but my suggestion did no good.


Lori was somehow teleported almost directly to the UFO in such a flash that she really didn’t know exactly what had happened to her. Despite our disappointment in not being able to trace the exact method the aliens used to get her to their craft, she was able to give us a much more comprehensive description of the medical examination she had undergone at the hands of her abductors. She began by again describing the curious stone like table with the bright light under it.


“The light that’s down below me… makes certain imprints on this stone,” she told us. “It’s really kind of a strange x-ray. They shine different kinds of light through this type of stone [table] . . . .


There’s a slot where they put these like slabs …. They slide it through, then it’s in the stone that I’m lying on, and they shine the light up from where it comes out from the bottom of the floor, and the whole thing gets transparent, and that makes me kind of an imprint on the thing, and they take it [the slab] out.”


Lori went on to describe how the aliens repeated this procedure several times, eventually amassing a large number of the “slabs.” She also looked around the interior of the UFO at our suggestion, and noticed that there was no specific light source illuminating the room. The light seemed to emanate directly from the walls of the craft.


She also saw a strange machine in the room and felt that it somehow converted sound into light, but couldn’t give us a specific accounting of how ttiis process was carried out. ‘Lori was also able to remember in more detail how she returned to her apartment.


After the examination, finding herself drained by the ordeal, Lori decided to leave the craft. After making this resolution she started to walk toward a doorway. Finding a button by it, she pressed it and a door opened. At this point the aliens stopped her, and told her that it would be best for her “to go back the way she came.” She again found herself wrapped in light, and zoomed instantaneously back to her apartment bedroom.


The abduction experience became a little more sinister now. Lori found herself paralyzed, and the aliens were trying to persuade her to go back with them. Her only defense was to fight them off mentally, and to generate an “internal sound,” as she described it, through which she nullified the whining noises that the aliens were using to manipulate her. Having lost, the aliens turned into balls of light and left the apartment. This was probably the experience that she vaguely remembered consciously and had told us about during our first meeting. It also contradicted her previous hypnotic remembrances.


During the McCall session she had remembered that this mental struggle had taken place on board the UFO and not in her apartment. Lori now seemed to be revising her story in minor ways as more memories began to surface.


Despite the fact that Lori had now been successfully regressed on two separate occasions by two independent hypnotists, the interpretation of the Briggs case still struck Ann Druffel and myself as an open issue.


The dome-headed beings she saw, the whining noises that accompanied their appearances, the light-emanating walls of the UFO, and the levitation’s and teleportations are all elements and patterns which crop up time and time again as one studies the abduction syndrome. Yet despite these positive aspects of the case, there were still parts of it that just didn’t make sense.


According to Lori’s story, for instance, the UFO would had to have initially landed in a vacant lot next to her apartment building. Yet this building is situated on one of the San Fernando Valley’s busiest streets which, even at midnight, is well traveled. No passers-by had reported seeing anything unusual that night, and a UFO landing in the midst of such a densely populated area would invariably be seen by someone!


We were also puzzled by the light Lori and Jo saw beaming through their window. This light had allegedly been so bright that it illuminated the entire apartment, but apparently was not seen by anyone else in the complex. This, too, we found hard to accept at face value.



In order to assist us further in exploring the Briggs case, Ann got in touch with Jo Maine who, according to Lori and Emily, had witnessed the aftermath of the abduction even though she was unconscious during the critical phases of it. We hoped she could verify, as she had to Emily over the phone four years prior, the lights and whining noises that played so prominent a role in Lori’s narrative.


Jo Maine is a highly intelligent young woman also in her 20s, presently working as a fashion designer. She moved out of Lori ‘s apartment after their 1975 experience and is now living alone in North Hollywood. She was more than willing to meet with us and tell us all she could remember about that weird night.


When Ann and I met with Jo on June 28, 1979 it was clear that, like Lori, she had blocked out much of the experience.


She did remember many aspects of it, such as going to bed, “blacking out,” and awakening to see Lori in an agitated state. She even recalled Lori telling her about the “beings” who had urged her to “go with them if she chose to” and about the high-pitched noise which had accompanied their appearance. Oddly enough, she couldn’t remember anything about going into the kitchen after the incident and hearing the noises herself-although she had told Emily about this bizarre episode on the phone that same night.


Before our meeting with Jo, hypnosis had already been suggested as a tool we might want to use to help explore this eerie incident. Jo had no objection to being hypnotized, so we held a brief session.


Jo was, unfortunately, not as good a subject as Lori had been, and had considerable difficulty maintaining the hypnotic state. During the course of our session a few intriguing bits of information snapped back into Jo’s mind. For instance, she now recalled seeing an odd light enter her bedroom before blacking out although she couldn’t remember anything else about the episode until I moved her forward in time to the moment she apparently “awoke.”


She seemed to recall rather than actually experience these critical moments, and couldn’t remember much of the conversation that transpired between Lori and herself. For the first time, though, Jo remembered going into the kitchen after getting out of bed and seeing a strange light there. She could recall nothing else other than attempting to go back to bed and being overcome by an unspeakable terror at the prospect of going into the bedroom.


This session was not too successful, partly because Jo just couldn’t relax into the hypnosis. I was almost ready to consider the session a washout, since the only new detail Jo had come up with was sensing that a mysterious light had played some sort of role in the aftermath of Lori’s experience. This was only a tentative corroboration of the story at best.


However, after the session was over and we were “debriefing” Jo, our subject hit us with quite a surprise. While under hypnosis, she explained, she had seen an image of a dome with lights around it but she had no idea what it meant. As Jo had not spoken to her former roommate since Lori ‘s session, she did not know that Lori too had seen a similar dome during her abduction experience. Ann and I kept this information to ourselves as it now appeared that Jo’s role in Lori’s experience might have been more involved than any of us had realized.


Being hopeful that a further session would generate more information, we encouraged Jo to undergo a second hypnotic session.


Ann, unfortunately, was soon leaving for Europe and couldn’t attend my next attempt at regressing Jo. Since Ann was caught up in making preparations for her trip, Jo met with me privately at my home in Northridge.


I used the same procedure for this session as I had used during the previous one. I employed a very slow and thorough induction technique which included strong verbal suggestions and muscular relaxation. Only when Jo was actively responding to hypnotic suggestion did I consider the hypnosis properly implemented. Gradually Jo began to relive her 1975 experience, and I guided her through it step by step. I was hoping to clarify the aftermath of Lori’s abduction, hoping to prompt Jo into recalling the episode in the kitchen.


To my surprise, Jo now seemed to remember some sort of simultaneous abduction which had occurred at the same time Lori was being subjected to her own kidnapping! This was really a shock, since Lori had always maintained that Jo played no part in her experience.


As she spoke, it became clear that Jo had undergone some sort of strange experience paralleling what Lori had experienced. She began by reporting that an odd light had appeared in the room, and how she merged with it. All the while she heard what she described as a “medium-pitched” sine wave tone.


All this information exactly parallels Lori’s claims. She, too, merged with a light projected by her alien visitors to the accompanying sounds of whining noises. Jo next remembered being in a large dark room with triangular shaped objects rising from the floor, engaged in an “intense conversation” with some invisible intelligence. Despite my promptings, she couldn’t recall anything about the content of this conversation.


The rest of the regression focused on the aftermath of the Briggs abduction.


Jo’s memories were still confused, but she clearly recalled going into the kitchen with Lori and also phoning Emily. She also remembered “something about a sound,” but couldn’t elaborate further.



Her dim recollections were gradually validating Emily’s claim that both Lori and Jo had heard a strange noise in their apartment after waking up.


I had not originally planned to conduct a third session with Jo. Now, though, I had to modify my plans since Jo seemed to be vaguely remembering an abduction experience of her own.


Double UFO abductions are some what rare in UFO literature, so I realized that this case might be more important than Ann or I had originally deemed.


Unfortunately, we were bedeviled by several delays before I could complete my work with Jo. Ann wasn’t back from Europe yet, and Jo wanted her to be present at any further sessions. And it didn’t help any when Jo injured her back shortly after her second session with me. We therefore had to wait before our final session could be held. Finally on July 30th, Jo, Ann and I met at my home for what was to be the most enlightening session of all.


Under hypnosis, Jo once again described the light that had suddenly entered her room that summer night.


Next, she recalled finding herself in a huge tube-like construction where she was resting on a platform as lights danced about her. A prominent light was below her, and she suddenly felt her teeth being manipulated. The parallels, once more, to Lori ‘s experiences struck us as self-evident. Even at this point we had told our subject nothing about what Lori had recalled under hypnosis.


We were especially intrigued with the mysterious platform on which Jo had found herself after merging with the light in her room.


“I felt like being on an operating table and being inspected,” Jo told us later.


“Like when I described the lights going over me, it was like scanner lights. Then, there was a light, I remember saying, down below and to the left, which came up. I felt that these were more directed lights, and that it was a method of scanning .. . I had the feeling of being inspected. The sensations I felt through my teeth probably had to do with it. I was being inspected in a relatively painless manner by some. sort of light. It wasn’t threatening to me.”


Jo was also finally able to relive the critical moments after her roommate’s abduction and their frantic phone call to Emily.


“I remember saying hello to Emily,” she reported. “And I think I said some words like, ‘something weird has happened. Afterwards I let Lori do the talking, since I can’t remember what went on anyway, and Lori seems to remember everything.”


For the first time, too, Jo remembered Lori describing the beings she had seen in the room.


“I don’t know what she’s telling her


[Emily] … something about short, short beings in white . . . That she could have gone, but didn’t. That she didn’t want to go with them.”
But despite our promptings, Jo couldn’t remember anything at all ‘about the whining noises and the odd light in the kitchen, though she vaguely alluded to these incidents during her previous regressions.


By this time it was clear to all of us that our investigation of the Briggs case was just about over. Despite the problems Jo confronted while trying to relive what happened during the course of our three sessions she recalled five distinct occurrences which directly parallel Lori’s experiences. Both witnesses described lights entering the room, becoming engulfed in light, seeing a dome-like object after leaving the apartment, being examined on a platform, and that this examination was performed by lights.


Despite these parallels, the Briggs-Maine case is still baffling in one major regard. It does not seem that our witnesses had a double UFO abduction at all. While Lori and Jo had parallel abductions, they did not seem to have a shared one.


Jo played no part in Lori’s abduction scenario, and quite explicitly she told us that Jo had been left behind when she was kidnapped. Likewise, Lori played no role in Jo’s account. These two women had equivalent abductions, not a mutual one. This case is therefore quite unique in the annals of ufology.


Just how can we explain the Briggs-Maine case in the light of this obvious paradox?


As I noted earlier, it is hard for me to believe that a UFO could land in Panorama City (and just off a busy thoroughfare) without causing an enormous commotion. Yet, Lori and Jo seemed to have undergone a real experience .. . real enough, that is, to make them phone Emily in the middle of the night in stark terror. As I pondered this problem I remembered what John Keel, the veteran UFO author, wrote in his book, UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse.


He argued that UFO abductions are not truly physical events, but are false memories directly implanted into the witness’s mind by an alien intelligence. Jacques Vallee, who has long maintained that UFOs have a psychic as well as physical basis, makes a similar argument in his recent book, Messengers of Deception.


Could Lori’s experience have been a mind-implant? And could this implant have either been extended to Jo or had she somehow been Infected by it?


On the other hand, could the parallels between Lori’s and Jo’s stories have been an artifact resulting from telepathy between them . .. or even from me?


Being a parapsychologist, I am keenly aware of the fact that the hypnotic state makes a person particularly open to telepathic impressions.There is a great deal of experimental as well as anecdotal evidence to this effect. While regressing Jo, could she have picked up telepathic cues from my mind which she elaborated into false memories of a UFO abduction?


Both of these theories strike me as equally attractive. Perhaps both of them are true to some extent, but further research is needed to bring a conclusive end to this baffling case.


This case is one of a series of related UFO abductions investigated by Ann Druffel and D. Scott Rogo. A complete report on these cases is contained in their book, The Tujunga Canyon Contacts, to be published by Prentice-Hall Inc., early next year. *




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By D. Scott Rogo, UFO Report – April, 1980, source:

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