Alien Abduction Jesse Long Abducted By Aliens at only 5 years old!

May 27, 2010
Alien Abduction Video: Jesse Long Alien Abduction Jesse Long has been having alien encounters since he was just a young boy. He had his first alien encounter in Tennessee in 1957 when he was just five years old. Jesse Long says that his brother John was with him at the time of that first alien abduction. He says that the two boys were playing on a hill behind their home when they stumbled onto what they thought was a round house being constructed. It was upon investigating this structure that the Jesse Long and his brother were confronted by what they thought at the time was a very tall man. This tall man flashed a light at the two boys and according to Jesse Long the two were then paralyzed. Until many years later when Jesse Long went through hypnotic therapy he couldn’t remember anything else that happened during his alien abduction. However, once he had the hypnotic therapy, footage of which can be seen in the alien abduction video bellow, Jesse Long then remembered being taken into the UFO. Once inside the UFO he was separated from his brother and taken into what he remembers to be an exam room. He could recall the aliens from the UFO doing something to his legs. He didn’t know why but for the following 34 years he had a pain in his leg. Throughout those years Jesse Long was a repeat victim of alien abduction. Each time he would find himself in the alien exam room. In one of these repeat alien abductions a sperm extraction was undertaken and Jesse Long is certain that his sperm was used to force him to cross breed with an alien female. In 1991, Jesse Long went in for surgery and had an alien implant removed from that spot on his leg. Again, you can see footage from the real operation in the Jesse Long alien abduction video that follows. see website

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