Alderney UFO sighting, 2007

A particularly interesting and very credible UFO sighting was the Alderney 2007 sighting, which took place on the southern coast of England, with the UFOs being spotted close to the island of Guernsey.

This is particularly credible because two unusual objects were spotted by two pilots flying separate planes on different routes.

Furthermore, the passengers also witnessed the objects as well as two tourists on the ground.

Ray Bowyer, 50, who had been flying commercial planes for around 20 years, said that during his flight to Southampton, England, at 3 pm, he witnessed a bright-yellow light west of Alderney, England.

This is staggering…

He said, “It was a very sharp, thin yellow object with a gray area”, when he realized the object was further away than he thought he went on to say, “At first, I thought it was the size of a 737. But it must have been much bigger because of how far away it was. It could have been as much as a mile wide.”

With his 10× magnification binoculars, he could make out a definite shape. The object was long, thin, and pointed at each end. It was bright yellow with a dark grey band enveloping it one third from the right, like a band around a cigar.

That’s not all…

As he approached Alderney, he then noticed another identical object that looked smaller but only because it was further away. He said of the incident, “I have never seen anything like it before in all my years of flying.”

The Jersey airport traffic controller said that along with Bowyer’s report, another pilot flying for Blue Islands airways simultaneously reported that he witnessed a UFO approximately 1,500 feet below his plane.

The Blue Islands pilot was flying to Jersey and described the object just like Bowyer did but was looking at it from the opposite direction.

Both pilots placed the object at the same location and altitude.

It gets even better…

A local radio station in Guernsey reported that two visitors on the island of Sark had enquired at their hotel about what the two bright yellow objects in the sky might be.

Radar traces appeared to register the two objects which aligned with the position and time of the UFO sighting.

The pilots formed two different conclusions: 

Bowyer believed “that two solid airborne craft, which was not and could not have been manufactured on Earth, were working in unison that day”, whilst the Blue Islands pilot believed in some kind of “atmospheric phenomenon”.

No formal explanation was ever given, but Bowyer was clear that the object was “tangible” and not any atmospheric phenomena.

Nick Pope, who worked for the UK Ministry of Defense said that this is one of the most intriguing sightings he’s ever heard about, but the Ministry of Defense decided not to investigate the incident further.




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