Al Bielek’s future map of the USA is terrifying (video)

Al Bielek has led a life most would not choose to live.

While many would think that time travel, meeting aliens, and working on secret projects are exciting ventures, Bielek paid a big price for the privilege.

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Al fred Bielek future map of the U.S. Picture via Youtube video

Because those who set the agenda wish to keep their activities secret, Al was robbed of his family, his memories, and ultimately, his identity.

They used advanced technologies to erase what was dear to him.

However, their technologies are not perfect. Slowly, the memories came back.

Al started meeting others who had been through the same process. Ultimately, a flood of memories returned.

Here a video depicting Bielek’s vision for the United States… And it’s terrifying, almost apocalyptic:

Alfred Bielek have had futuristic visions while being in an altered state of consciousness, like floating out of his body.

This state of awareness, which is much more powerful than ordinary consciousness, opens the gate to visual experiences and global awareness.

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