Airline Passenger Filmed An Unusual Shape Shifting UFO Or A Creature

An airplane passenger was taken aback after seeing what appeared to be a shape shifting UFO flying tens of thousands of meters above the ground. It was filmed by a German tourist aboard a plane who claimed that the UFO accompanied the aircraft for seven minutes.

In the video, which was recorded with a Nikon P900 camera on June 28 over Racine, Wisconsin, USA, a white illuminated object is seen flying at a higher altitude than the plane. The outline of the object appears to be similar to a drone or a flat shape, but it soon begins to transform and lengthen. The bright white lights of the mysterious ship turn into a Y-shaped figure.

Airplane Passenger Filmed An Unusual Shape Shifting UFO Or A Mysterious Creature?

While the passenger of the plane tries to focus the zoom on the UFO, it goes back from a vertical to a horizontal way. The object or creature captured on camera could be a plasma-based life form that inhabits the upper atmosphere

The altitude of the plane is between 3,000 and 10,000 meters and this object is recorded for seven minutes above the altitude of the plane and appears to move along with the plane. People are going to call this a UFO, well technically it is, but I’m leaning more towards it being a biological entity or a plasma-based life form that lives in our upper atmosphere.

The images quickly went viral among the ufological community, where many offered their own theories to explain the sighting. Some agreed with the theory that is a UFO while some said that it appears hyperdimensional, an extraterrestrial creature that interacts with our 3D space.

It may sound crazy or an outlandish theory, but the truth is that there are chances that some UFOs are actually living creatures. Trevor James Constable, a former radio officer in the US Merchant Marine, spent much of his life researching the UFO phenomenon. And he came to the conclusion, that some UFOs are not ships from other worlds, but living creatures that inhabit the highest levels of Earth’s atmosphere.

He also believed that they ranged in size from extremely small to half a kilometer in diameter, which undoubtedly agrees with what the German tourist has recorded on video. So if the skies of our planet are constantly populated by creatures, why don’t we see them on a regular basis? They are always here, Constable believed, in great numbers; we simply cannot physically see them in their natural state.

Now, what do the skeptics tell us? As it cannot be otherwise, they do not agree with the extraterrestrial theory. They think the tourist could have focused on a large drop of water outside the window. Although they do not rule out that it is a light effect caused by the solo, the window, and the camera’s optics.

What do you think about this incredible shape-shifting UFO? UFO, alien creature, a drop of water or a light effect?



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