A Strange Woman Walking or Levitating on Mars is Stalking NASA’s Curiosity Rover (video)

Recently a new discovery was made which actually caused ripples of excitement amongst ufologists all around the globe.

A strange picture was taken on the surface of Mars of a rather peculiar woman staring down at the Curiosity rover.

Some believe that this is a trick of the light while others claim that this might be a ghost after all. Some have stated that maybe aliens on mars aren’t so different from us while others believe that this was a woman from the future stalking NASA’s Curiosity rover.

The theories are literally everywhere at this point and nobody knows what’s happening after all. We don’t know whether she’s alive, dead, a statue, or a spirit.

Scott Waring, an incredible virtual archeologist that has made dozens of similar discoveries by examining the pictures launched by NASA has stated that she might be alive, a statue or more likely, a Martian dweller after all.

The fact that she is practically see-through could explain why we have no other proof of aliens on Mars. If this is true then could ghost actually be Martians all along? We don’t know for sure yet, but we are getting closer and closer to a breakthrough.


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