A Pleiadian Message: 5D Earth And Beyond




This will be a wonderful and amazing time for all!

The Soul and true Self will finally be able to come forth without resistance.
The Light that is within each Being and form of life will be at the expression that Source Intended.

All of the lives lived will merge into ONE if they have not already.
The pure desires and Intentions for Self and Another will be the same.
The talents and interests that one has will be amplified and enjoyed in a new way.

They will seem to be perfected.

This will be because no dark forces will be left.

It will be like scripture says, ‘’Now we see through a glass darkly but then we shall see face to face. We shall know as we are known.”

There will be a new Love for Nature and the knowledge that all is Sacred and alive.

Crystals will be activated and programmed much as we can do now.
But these living entities of Love will be connected to the person who has them in a new way.

They contain energy and information.

They will be held in the palm and give and receive information to and from the holder.

Much like a computer.

They have always been used for galactic travel and finally, all will have access to this.

Space travel will become common as all will become accustomed to the new frequencies, multiple strands of DNA, and normal life of 5-D and beyond will be activated for all.

There will remain choices for those who wish to expand Consciousness at a slower pace.

This gives freedom of choice.
Freedom is our right as Beings.

There will be only Holistic types of treatments.

We will not call them medicines but they will be considered to be a part of a healthy and whole life.

These will be obtained from the beautiful plants and flowers no longer contaminated by the toxins once sprayed.

The flowers and vegetables will once again look as they should and contain all we need to sustain.

They will be much like Taygeta where our flowers are the sizes of cantaloupes now.

Water will be pure and can be obtained naturally from streams and be safe.
Animals will be at Peace and walk among all people without either having fear.

A new communication and understanding will be and there will be no desire for humans to eat or kill the creatures again.

If one is an artist or creator, their desire will heighten and their work will be magnificent.

Music will be enjoyed as never before.

Pleiadians brought music to the planet and we will have celebrations just as we do at home.

It is good to think and imagine these things now as each thought is creating life in the 4th Density.

This assists in Expanding Consciousness now and also assists in all things you desire before the Shift to Sheen occurs.

Sheen is already there.

Beings are there waiting in anticipation.

In a moment quicker than it is possible to imagine, you will be there.

Crafts will fly in all directions and people will be overjoyed. No fear at all.

Music will play as it is playing now in Sheen.

You will remember all of your lives.
You will know of all of your travels and your times as a Guide.

NEIOH Channeled by Judith

Artist: @mymodernmet



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Nancy Thames


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1 thought on “A Pleiadian Message: 5D Earth And Beyond”

  1. Hello! This 5D Earth that is being explained in my opinion will be because of are advances in science and technology.We must build a embassy for our ET creators the Elohim and than many things will begin to change.Our belief in a soul and multiple lives is a illusion and all aspects of mysticism,the supernatural should be removed from are expectations.Let us not expect or believe in miracles but in science and technology to guide and help us evolve into a positive future.


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