A Message From The Galactic Federation




Dear ones,
Gaia’s new golden age has arrived, and we’d like to share this great news with you!

It only requires your participation to become a reality.

All you have to do now is raise your awareness by looking through the eyes of love. To reach this higher state of consciousness, simply open your heart and look for the light.

Your planet is rapidly changing, and your consciousness is being attentively monitored.

You’ve had enough of waiting. The change you seek is not something that will occur in the future; it is already taking place. It’s already been delivered.

All you need is a change in your viewpoint.

Simply raise your awareness and feel the love-light energy feedback loop as it connects you to the higher levels.

What does it mean to raise awareness?

Many people are unaware of what they are doing, thinking, or feeling, thus they are always contradicting themselves. Action takes one path, thinking takes another, and feeling takes yet another. They continue to disintegrate, becoming increasingly fragmented.

Being watchful of your body is the first step toward raising consciousness. Slowly but steadily, one becomes aware of each gesture and action.

And as you become more conscious, a miracle occurs: many of the things you used to do suddenly vanish. Your body gets more relaxed, more attuned, and a deep peace begins to pervade your body, as well as a gentle music pulsing inside it.

The only thing you need to learn is to watch everything. Watch! Keep a close eye on everything you do. Keep an eye on every idea that enters your head.

Keep an eye on any desire that takes hold of you. Even little gestures, such as walking, talking, eating, and bathing, should be observed.

Continue to keep an eye on everything.

And as you observe, clarity emerges. You improve your grace. Because the energy that was becoming chattering is moving inward and becoming watchfulness — it is the same energy! — your chattering mind chatters less as you watch.

The mind will become vacant as more and more energy is put into watchfulness. Thoughts will begin to thin, and they will begin to lose weight. They’ll start dying slowly and steadily. Clarity emerges as thoughts begin to die.

Your mind has now turned into a mirror.

It’s a state of mind when one’s mind is in sync with the fifth dimension, allowing one see all possibilities, feel everyone’s emotions, and drastically improve their life experiences and achieve self-actualization.

The most vital step in your ascension process is to raise your consciousness. When your consciousness is awakened to a higher level, divine guidance attracts you to achieve all of your goals and manifest all of your desires. You are a co-creator of your reality, and you each have a part to play in bringing in this new era of transformation.

You’re already on the right track because you’re a part of this new age.

It’s a golden age of adventure, magic, and discovery. It’s about time you realize your personal power and awaken to this higher state of consciousness.
Why wait another minute? Let’s begin the adventure together!

We are here to support the ascension process which is partly through educating you about the many dimensions that surround you.

We are the Galactic Federation and we send you encouragement to know that promises of light and love fill these skies. You are part of a myriad of souls who ascended long ago and now have returned to help the rest of your brothers and sisters.

Be assured that those who are guiding this ascension from the higher dimensions are observing every step along the way. We are glad to be able to share our thoughts with you.

It’s the time for you to awaken. The time for you to become aware of your selves and of whom you really are as a species.

Your planet is going through yet another transformation, but this time it will be different as there are so many beings helping and assisting you to ascend.

It will not be up to the humans of Earth to fight the battle, but ALL of us beyond Earth have placed a shield around this planet.

You are on the cusp of a major change in consciousness as you move from limited third-dimensional human awareness, into full fifth dimensional Light beings of love, light, and unconditional joy.

A wave of peace, prosperity, and healing is moving across your planet.

Feel your body relax as the calming vibrational music washes over you. With its deeply relaxing sounds, Lullaby: A New Earth helps you achieve a true state of rest while be taken on a powerful inner journey!

Divine blessings to all,
Aurora Ray
Ambassador of The Galactic Federation

Art by Aurora Ray




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Thank You,

Nancy Thames

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