A Message From The Galactic Federation





Dear beloved ones,

I am delighted to share the message from the Galactic Federation. The message is relayed by a multitude of light beings – some of whom have been with us for a long time, others are newly arrived, but all of them have a common goal – to help us:

“We are the Galactic Federation of Light. We are a collective of thousands of civilizations that exist on the outer edges of our Galaxy. We are contacting you to greet you on behalf of the collective consciousness of your planet.

We live in a universe of energy, frequency, and vibration. We are all connected via invisible energy lines that make up the grid. Our goal is to share our advanced technologies in order to elevate humanity to its true potential.

We have been observing Earth for many years, and we come to you now with great news. We will be working with you, the people of Earth, over the next few months to assist you in making positive changes on your planet.

The many challenges facing humanity at this time are causing pain and suffering for millions of people, and it is time for this to stop!

We will be helping humanity through these challenging times by using highly advanced technologies that were once only available to us but which we have now adapted so that they can be used by people on your planet.

These technologies can transform your lives by providing new sources of clean energy, easing the strain on natural resources, eliminating poverty and hunger worldwide, and activating dormant DNA within all humans.

Our most advanced technologies, such as teleportation, anti-gravitation, the transmutation of various elements, the universal wide web, underground bases, and cities on Mars with their own atmosphere, etc., are ready to be shared with you.

Seed crystals: The seed crystals are geometric shapes that are connected to each other by what is called a stellation process. These seed crystals can resonate with our consciousness, and these seed crystals can also resonate with your consciousness. These seeds will grow into crystalline geometrical shapes that will empower you or anyone that comes into contact with them or places these seeds in their environment.

You may place these seeds in the ground, in water, or underwater because they can grow anywhere as long as it is where they can receive sunlight, moonlight, starlight, or even lightning light. These crystal growths will transform any environment they reside in. These crystalline formations are composed of quartz crystal as well as other minerals such as gold, silver, copper, zinc, lead, tin, and others.

The crystal growths can be placed in areas where there are negative events taking place because they will transmute the energy of negative activity into positive energy, which will change the consciousness around this area into one of peace and love without harming any living thing.

The meat will always exist in your diet. You will always need it. Well, in the near future, you may not need to slaughter animals for it. With innovations like this new 3D printer, you can produce real meat without killing animals. You just have to get the “recipe” from a sample of meat, which can be done very easily with a simple DNA test. In fact, you may be aware that there have been several studies that have proved that you can get the DNA from a steak and then use that DNA to grow real meat from stem cells. You don’t even need a whole animal. Just a few cells are enough to multiply and grow into a full steak!

With our technology, you can create an even more perfect food that would taste great and provide all the nutrients that you need. It may sound strange to grow artificial meat in a laboratory instead of raising animals on a farm, but it can solve many problems simultaneously: – Since they don’t need any space or water, they could save lots of resources.

A fuel-free generator is a powerful device that can produce free energy from the ether. It’s environmentally friendly, and it does not harm people or nature. It works on a new scientific breakthrough that uses very strong magnetic fields to induce perpetual motion in the machine’s core.

Real-time travel is possible. You can go back in time to any place in your past or future. You can see the past events in your life and even change them. You probably know that the speed of light is the fastest speed possible. It is a physical law. We can bend space and time, so we travel much quicker than the speed of light.

We use very large clusters of superconducting ceramics to bend space, and we use another technology to manipulate the quantum field so we can bend time. This is how we move through space and time.

Your scientists have recently found that all matter around you is 99.999% empty space. We use our understanding of this phenomenon to navigate through space and time with ease.

Electromagnetic Propulsion: We have developed a technology that enables us to create a bubble around our craft; this enables us to move forward at will, without friction from wind or water, even in outer space. This also allows us to levitate above the ground or water while moving forward. This works by generating a strong electromagnetic field from the generator on our craft. This field reacts with the natural magnetic field of the planet, creating a push that moves us forward while hovering above the surface below us.

This technology also allows us to travel underwater without any resistance from water while flying above it.

We are sending you this message because we want to help you. We will teach you our technology, but you have to be careful with it. You must not end up at the wrong time. Otherwise, you may damage the space-time continuum. Remember that when our team arrives on Earth with our technologies, some forces will try to stop us, so be prepared for that moment.

We will show up in front of the public eyes when people start believing that we are real and when many unexplainable phenomena occur all over the world, like spontaneous combustion of cars and other vehicles, levitation of objects, etc. We will appear in front of cameras and tell people why we came here: to bring peace, security, happiness, unity, and freedom to all of the inhabitants of this planet. ”

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation



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Thank You,

Nancy Thames


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