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Archangel Jophiel Asks, “What are the Keys to Nova Earth?”

Jophiel, angel of the future, Archangel of Completion, Archangel of New Beginnings, and in many ways, Archangel of Structure, of Sacred Geometry, of Repositioning. Welcome. You may call me Jophiel, you may call me Jophie, as you recall the dust that I have given you for transformation eons and ages ago. You may call me Yo, you may call me YoYo. All I am saying, my invitation to your heart and to your head is to call upon me, my beloveds, as I now call upon you, as I call upon you and every single being upon this beautiful planet to step forward in the wonder, in the delight, in the bliss, and in the truth of who you truly are.

You are not some misguided, distracted, lost lamb… you are the Mother’s ground crew. The extraordinary nature of that honor is not always known, or accepted, or realized, and so I bring this to your attention yet again.

Long ago you have asked my sister, Gabrielle, what the keys to heaven are. And that has not changed… it is love, trust, forgiveness, unity, connectedness, and whole-hearted balance. But there is the next question, is there not? What are the keys to Nova Earth? It is not just the keys to your heart… think of it as the combination to open the portals to full capacity, to step forward in the creation… and yes, I am going to be talking to you about this time, and time, and time again… but this day, let us begin. Yes, your keys are love, trust, forgiveness, unity, connectedness, and balance… and unity consciousness is the state of being in the higher realms and in this time of new normal.

Now, you say to me, this channel says to me, “And Jophiel, how exactly do we go about achieving this?” So, I am bringing you back to your Blessings and Virtues, and in many ways to the laws of One, the laws of love.
Let us start with compassion, and let us take this quality and this concept, this belief system, and expand it one hundred, one thousand-fold. Because in unity consciousness there can be no unity consciousness, there can be no connectedness, there can be no balance unless phenomenal, extraordinary compassion is fully integrated… not just present but so deeply integrated into your sacred self, and into the fibers, the existence, not of this or that society, this or that religion or belief system, but into the very fiber of the air you breathe.

Now, very often compassion is thought of as the quality of saints, or that it is a stand-back quality. The reason we call this a blessing and a virtue, is that it is a virtue that you hold, and it is a blessing that you bestow, and you bestow upon everybody equally… and that includes yourself. We have been saying, this entire Council has been saying, that it is a time… yes, you will call me a very plain-spoken archangel, even more so than Gabrielle… it is a time to rise above what you think of as petty differences into the glory of truth. Not that you have truth and somebody else doesn’t… but into the truth of love, into the truth of compassion.

An aspect of compassion is the deep profound honoring of another’s journey, of the path that they choose, of the incredible qualities unique to that person that they bring forth, whether they are earth-keeper, or gatekeeper, angelic, star-being… it matters not… you admire them. Inside compassion is the honoring and admiration.

Now, where does this begin? Well, first of all, it begins with a balance of head and heart, of your brilliant, intelligent self. This life is not about dumbing down… it is taking extraordinary leaps into the full brilliance of what you are fully capable of, and that only occurs in the balance of head and heart. Too often, the heart had been completely forgotten, ignored, ruptured, tortured. Now you have learned to be in the truth of your heart… but it does not mean ignoring your brain… the same way you wouldn’t ignore your hands, or your fingers, or your feet. You do not wish to atrophy any part of your sacred self. And so, you have compassion for your sweet self, for that totality of who you are. And in seeing, in every meaning of that word, in seeing and accepting with heart-compassion this truth, then you are able… you enable, you activate yourself… to be able to give, receive, work with, play with compassion for all beings. Not in the quality of mercy… which is very important, and we will talk about that as well… but in the honoring, the admiration, of each being. Not that they are in or out, above or below, they are sacred.

So, I begin, my beloved family, I begin my work with you, my play with you. I bring you compassion, and I bring you the balance of compassion. Go with my magenta love. Go with my joy… my joy… as I see you, I see who you are, and I invite you to do the same. Go in peace, and go, go play, unpack those presents for they are waiting.


Channeled by Linda Dillon @counciloflove.com

Artist: Steve Roberts


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