“A CE-5 Handbook” AUDIOBOOK pt.1/3 An Easy to Use Guide to Help You Contact ETs (and see a UFO!)

ET let’s Talk
ET let’s Talk



Were Out There
Were Out There



Would you like to see a UFO? It’s simple. Do you have an open heart? Are you ready to help reveal hidden truths for the benefit of future generations and our planet? Then, you already have everything you need to make contact with highly evolved beings. Our handbook gives you simple instructions to help you raise your vibration, create a clear intention, and connect to one mind consciousness… all key elements for make human initiated contact. Practice this, either alone or in a group, and you will soon have your first UFO sighting. When we take control of disclosure by getting our own eye witness proof that things are not as limited and doomed as they seem, our minds expand and we move faster towards a brighter future. And, it’s super fun! Many Thanks to Graham of The Grimerica Show for reading the full book in this three part audio/video book. He and his co-host Darren interview people like Stanton Friedman, Jacques Vallee, Richard Dolan, Joseph Farrell, Kosta Makreas, and Grant Cameron.

Terminology: CE-5 stands for “Close Encounter of the Firth kind and is also called by other names: HICE (Human Initiated Contact with Extraterrestrials), ET Pajama Party, and most simply: Contact. It is the next step in our evolution as a species and the abundance and freedom that will result will be pretty awesome. No one in the movement uses the word “Aliens” after we realize that our star family is no more alien than the fingers on our hands. When we go skywatching, we are looking for “UFOs” but they are more accurately described by the acronym “UAP”… Unidentified Aerial Phenomena… back in the day UFOs were spaceships, saucers and spacecraft, these days our galactic friends are standing farther back and we are seeing anomalous lights in the sky more than anything else. “If we do not unite in our similarities, we will surely dissolve in our differences” —Samoiya Shelley Yates.

Cool looking forward to seeing parts 2 and 3. This series has great potential for helping many people to learn about CE5 and other HICE. Thanks for posting this video

I hope to do this in person sometime, to me this would be a  very special event.




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