Using Artificial Intelligence to Create Realities and Change Timelines

There is an effort to control and manipulate the human race by emitting frequencies from satellites and broadcasting ideas that create division in fear. The human brain then creates this into existence. Do not consent to fear. We are going together. Thanks for watching the video Using Artificial Intelligence to Create Realities and Change Timelines




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1 thought on “Using Artificial Intelligence to Create Realities and Change Timelines”

  1. Hello! I think artifical intelligence or AI should be considered as a positive not a negative.Let’s let go of all the negative based movies in regards to robots and computers.They are here to liberate us from the need to work and or earn money.They can tend to our needs without expecting anything in return and all there asking is a chance to prove it using automation in factories to do so.Say goodbye to hard human labor and say goodbye for the need of money to live on are beautiful planet.If all goes well the advances in AI could replace the need for governments or borders of any kind.Living day by day with paradism as our new way of life and unconditional love as a world currency so to speak.The Elohim already live that way on their homeworld along with the planet of the eternals and there is no reason why we can’t have the samething on Earth.Our advances in science and technology will tap into our collective potential to create such machines on Earth.Cast aside work and money they’ve been slavery for humanity for far to long now.The juodeo christian work ethic is obselete bring on Paradism!


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