Energy Update For October





Dear Beloved ones,

We’re looking forward to October because it feels like it’ll be full of new experiences, discoveries, and chances.

The solar eclipse in December will be a spectacular event, and many of you will perceive it as a reminder of your own personal awakening-something you have been seeking deliberately or unconsciously. Much has happened recently for you, and you will be presented with many exciting opportunities.

So, what about October? What does this month hold for you? Well, October is the month of Libra, which is a sign of sign corresponding to balance, equality, justice and harmony.

It’s a time of balance and transformation, where we can shed off what we don’t need and perform the necessary changes so we can reach our fullest potential. This month is a time of great transformation.

This transformation can take place in a variety of ways. Purification, various adjustments, and complete cleansing can all help. It can happen to you, or it can happen to someone else.

This transformation can be in the form of an emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, or energetic response. This can manifest as the recognition of old behaviors, beliefs, and habits.

This might take the form of new agreements, regulations, conduct norms, and even new life rules.

It can manifest itself in a variety of ways, and it’s critical to understand and convey what you’re going through.

This shift might be difficult, but it can also be extremely rewarding.

This change has the potential to be empowering.
This might be a life-affirming experience.
This has the potential to be a fun experience.
This has the ability to change your life.

The planetary energies of October are filled with the ability to flush out the old or stagnant energy, access new Earth energy, and move forward into a deeper understanding of your true divine natures.

While many of you may feel stuck in old habits or patterns, this October cycle is a time of new connection, fresh perspectives, and new inspiration. Your energy shifts this month to a more optimistic outlook and abundance of possibility.

Take time this month to connect with the energies of autumn and ‘harvest’ the lessons you’ve learned, and let go of limiting or negative habits. This month is an opportunity to shake things up, and a new approach of thinking can be transformative. Perspective is everything.

October is a time of change. A time when all that has fallen away can be put back together again. A time when you are given new light to see by and new energy with which to move.

This is a time to put the past behind you. When we say “put the past behind you,” what we really mean is that it’s time to move beyond it.

It is a time of awakening, a time that opens up new possibilities as your vision becomes clearer.

This is a time to take action, to move forward, to leap.

October is a time of new beginnings. It’s a month full of promises: rekindled friendships, the buds of spring that emerge from the cold, hard ground, and the potential of a sunny summer day.

The muddle of the past will be lifted from humanity’s mind this month, and everyone will collectively move into a better understanding of the energies of the Golden age of Gaia.

This will happen as Gaia’s energies become more freely flowing through mankind, and humanity’s collective awareness absorbs them.

The energies of the Golden Age of Gaia are reaching their crescendo, and in this month, humanity will experience a profound shift in consciousness that is going to affect everyone on our planet.

The energies of October can be extremely powerful. If you stay focused on your connection to Spirit and on your inner light, you can use these energies as a catalyst to make great strides in your personal development.

These energies are bringing to the surface the limiting beliefs that have held you back from personal growth in the past. When you understand what is blocking you from progressing spiritually, you can free yourselves from these destructive patterns and move forward on your spiritual path.

October is a month of significant change. It marks the end of an old period and the beginning of a new one. The energies of October are allowing profound changes in all aspects of human life.

The coming months are going to be a time of great change!

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Channel and Art by Aurora Ray




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