This is not the lifetime where you learn new things to achieve mastery level of any kind.
This is the lifetime when you remember that you already are an ascended Master and that exactly this is the reason why you have been chosen to incarnate and face the greatest challenge in the history of our entire universe.
Do not get fooled by a corrupt system of manipulation and deceit, lies, and abuse of power. Those in control on planet earth are not human. They are monsters, occultists, Satanists, and evil worshipers. It does not matter if you believe in Satan, the only thing that matters is that they do.
They have infiltrated the light as they have infiltrated every area of existence on planet earth. Do not be misled by those wearing a false torch of light. Those who picture themselves in light when all they have is darkness. Do not follow the false teachings that tell you things like to listen to music and dance and sing and everything is alright.
This is not how wars are won. And you are at war, dear ones. You may call this the third world war and in fact, this is a spiritual war. Good versus evil, truth facing lies, light against dark.
Today, we want to empower you by making you bring the fact that you already are an ascended Master into the forefront of your conscious awareness.
You have all the tools, the wisdom, the knowledge, and the inherent God-given powers to bust this system and change its frequency from one of fear to love.
We continue sending powerful gamma photon light beams through the central sun straight into the cells of your being. These rays of light carry the divine light that repairs your scattered helixes of DNA and allows you to access psychic abilities and knowledge that is needed right now for you to fulfill your mission on earth.
We want to remind you that the fifth-dimensional frequencies are already accessible on your planet. Imagine it as a switch within your mind and heart that you must hit in order to benefit from 5D abundance.
Your mind is still worried about third-dimensional survival subjects like your work, your business, feeding your family, taking care of your children, repairing your house, etc.
All the while your heart yearns for abundance yearns for the life that you have in your mind, the life that you dream of, the life that the very thought of opens your heart a bit wider.
What if we told you, that this dream life which you envision yourself to have in your wildest dreams is your actual life purpose?
What if you could heal yourself, your family, your loved ones, and fulfill your divine life’s mission simply by going for that dream and putting all fear aside along the way?
What is the greatest teaching and the highest education they could get? What if you could pass that to those you love and it would simply be you following your heart? What if things were just as simple as that?
Jesus said, “When the two become one the Kingdom can come.”
The mind and the heart.
Fear vs Love.
Masculine vs Feminine energy.
Imagine with all your mind and love with all your heart.
Let all fear go and follow your heart.
Are you yet ready to accept this as truth? Or do you still need to continue the path of suffering before you fully awaken to the truth of existence?
What is the truth of existence? Love. The only truth is love. Unconditional love. And that means that you must love yourself first. When you have learned to love yourself fully and unconditionally you will go for that dream of yours full speed. You will be ready to do everything it takes to follow your heart and to establish that dream. Once you find the courage in your heart to do just that you will be ready to enter 5D.
We’re not saying you shouldn’t sing and dance. Actually, that’s exactly what we want you to do but we want you to sing and dance while you stand up for yourself and are brave, and courageous, and start bringing your dream to life.
Ask yourself today one question, sit in silence breathe, meditate, and ask yourself this very one question: “Have I had enough of the dark night of the soul?”
Whether you think you have suffered enough or not, you’re usually right.
Do you start to understand now how all this is in your own hands? It is nobody’s destiny to suffer. It is everyone’s destiny to live in abundance. Abundance is your birthright.
When you overcome fear and step into love and follow your dream the entire universe will conspire to assist you.
The time is now.
We love you. We are here with you.
We are family of light.
Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation | Lyran High Council Elder | Emissary of the Goddess

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Thank You,

Nancy Thames

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  1. Hello! The words contained in this post are profound to say the least and I would also add my two cents as it were when describing abundance to be our birth right.I believe abundance can only be real if humanity surrenders its obligation to work and gives the responsibilty to computers and robots AI must be embraced not feared.Let AI be the only world government we need that is if we need government at all in the future.The transition should be as smooth as possible as the monetary system brakes down in the pursuit of paradism and if we want a more evolved world we must embrace paradism without hesitation.There is no mystical,spiritual or supernatural event that will transform humans and our society into a unconditional loving one it will happen with our advances in science and technology.


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