Glitch In Matrix Created By Cylindrical UFO

Recently Cylindrical UFO might’ve exposed the Real world by creating glitch in the matrix. What do you think this might be let us know…


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1 thought on “Glitch In Matrix Created By Cylindrical UFO”

  1. We’ll never know it could be but it could be somethin g else. A lot of famous people believe in the matrix. In the book We have no idea the author ask in chapter eleven who or what is shooting bullets at earth. The high speed particles come from somewhere but they dont know where. The high energy particles arrive every second with the energy of a school bus hitting the atmosphere yet they dont understand the source because they know no known source in the universe that can produce them. So they guess. An undiscovered new energy source. Or aliens living close on a planet using a special particle accelarator. Or a meta universe using our universe as a computer which make this a simulation.
    The author desires to find the location using peoples phones globally as particle detectors so he created an app.
    Im vegan and hate animals abuse so if the matrix is the answer we need to get ahold of its creator for some fine tuning.
    There may be proof of the matrix in the story of the beautiful rooster that lived after its owner cut off its poor head. Mike the headless chicken lived a year and a half with no head. Bless little Mike may he live here in my heart and beyond.


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