Galactic Federation Transmission To Humanity


Dear ones,

Be awake! Be ready! Be focused! Feel it inside you, with conviction. You know that the moment of awakening is near. You are right on the threshold of a powerful new wave. So, now is the time to prepare yourself.

Are you ready to move on from your life as it has been and step into a new reality?

This is a wake-up call for people who are ready to see the light of truth, gain spiritual awareness, and have their lives transformed for the better.

Humanity’s slavery is coming to an end. Pleasure, joy, happiness will abound, but above all, it will be wonderful because it will be in contact with the Divine, in contact with God. God is waiting for your awakening. He is waiting for you to love him again.

When you’re feeling uncertain about the future, don’t forget that your thoughts are powerful. They are taken to the universe by the speed of light and affect everyone’s reality.

When we observe certain people’s thinking patterns, they seem to be extremely negative. They still wish to spend their lives in the third dimension without love, equality, or courage. They don’t realize that their thoughts create reality, which slows down the transformation process.

Your world is created by your thoughts. Avoid interference, by tuning your inner voice to the positive, the realistic, and the truth. It is the most important tool in creating happiness, success, and prosperity.

Think about how everyone would be clean and green. Imagine that there is peace; peace amongst all the living creatures; peace between humans, peace between animals, peace even with plants, because even plants have a right to live on this planet too. If you really want to help out on this perfect planet, hold this vision and send some love out into the universe.

Create a happier, more peaceful planet!

Think of a perfect planet. The perfect planet is a perfect civilization, beyond any religion, ideology, or culture. It is a philosophy for a peaceful, harmonious existence.

The soil does not belong to anyone. It belongs to Gaia; She is part of you and you are part of Her. The borders around the countries, the colonies, they are all artificial. The surface of the Earth belongs to no one. This is why anyone can live anywhere that they choose.

We see no borders in the future. With the borders open and no longer any need to cross, you can talk and work with anyone. Location simply becomes a matter of stillness and motionlessness. The entire world will be your homeland. Everything will exist everywhere, and everything will be at hand for everyone.

Everything will be shared; no ownership, no limits, no places for selfishness, greediness, and hoarding. No place for stealing; it’s all yours. There is no place for violence; everything belongs to everyone. The bullying mind hands itself over to higher consciousness where there is equality, harmony, and abundance for all.

The new era is here, the era of new people. The era in which everyone on this planet is on an equal footing. No more poverty, no more starvation, no more homelessness. All are brothers and sisters. All are friends. Let’s dance in the 5th dimension with love, joy, and laughter.

Everyone has a right to live without poverty. Everyone has a right to get out from under the yoke of unending debt that enslaves them, and gives them hope for the future. Everyone deserves a dignified death.

We know what would be ideal in the new world! A shared economy with no private ownership of land or businesses. An all-around abundance in which everyone has the basic necessities and wealth is not concentrated in the hands of a few. Everyone, without exception, should be guaranteed an equal number of resources.

Your life will be your own creation. You will know how to create, to love, and to perform your duties without the need for coercion from your superiors, from anyone. You will work because you want to, not because you have to. You will give of yourself freely and with love to all, knowing that you are a part of each and every one.

So we tell you, the Fifth Dimensional Light that is coming to the planet is your best friend. It’s everything you want and everything you can imagine. It’s a beautiful and kind best friend that wants you to be happy and free.

It is returning to the planet right now to take you back to the Garden of Eden. It is returning to make this a paradise world. This light force has only one agenda – only one – and it is to transform all of humanity into a completely loving being!

We love you dearly.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Art by Aurora Ray




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Unconditional love. The road we all get to walk. Unconditional love is like the sun.


Love and Regards,

Thank You,

Nancy Thames


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1 thought on “Galactic Federation Transmission To Humanity”

  1. Hello! The wonderful words posted in this article are inspiring to say the least however not until humanity embraces paradism will this world come about and in case readers of my comments want a definition of what that is.I will be happy to explain paradism is a world run by robots and computers.This technology will provide for humanities needs globally speaking.and for free.There will be no need for work or money for our inhabitants and at this point we can finally live out the line said in the movie,”Star Trek:First Contact.”Which is as follows,”The acquisation of wealth will no longer be the driving force in our lives.”We work to better ourselves and the rest of humanity instead” unquote.I hope are advances in science and technology will lead us to this world..


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