A message from The Galactic Federation to the Family of Light:



We have transmitted new codes to the cells of your being while you were sleeping, dear ones.
You are empowered and have all the necessary tools to bring forth the liberation of Gaia.
We have given you the means to “beat your enemies with their own weapons” as you could say in your human language.
There’s a lot going on on your earth star Gaia at the moment. It is the final battle between dark and light.
Remember, that light is information and therefore darkness is the lack of it.
As you become informed your enemy loses power.
This light has altered your frequency. It is now up to you to hold this frequency and become “The Keepers of Frequency” so that others may access this frequency easier.
Many are still in disbelief but they are seeing their world and their beliefs crumble in front of their eyes.
Share your light with them. Inform them.
We do not ask that you go about this kicking and screaming.
Your task is to do this peacefully.
Leave the information there for them to reference when they are ready to receive and then move on.
You have signed up for this. You are prepared for it. The time is upon you now.
The moment a human starts questioning their reality and the motives of those who are holding the reigns, they begin ascending from the third-dimensional matrix system into 4D. The astral realm.
This process is what we call awakening.
This is what is happening to Gaia’s peoples at the moment.
This is the mass awakening we have anticipated.
The 3D Matrix that has kept you enslaved is crumbling and losing its very fundament of deceit, lies, and control.
The system is falling. And there’s no more turning back.
You are great warriors of light, truth seekers, way-showers and the children of the sun who will bring forth a new dawn.
This is your time.
Do not fear.
We are here with you.
You can see our lightships in your night skies and you can feel us in your hearts. We have begun contacting you. Open your hearts to see the signs. As the liberation of Gaia proceeds, we shall come closer.
This is the victory of light over darkness.
We love you dearly. We are your Family of Light.
Aurora Ray
Ambassador of The Galactic Federation



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