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Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! I bring you tidings of great joy, knowing that many great and wondrous changes are upon you all. We bring to you the gifts of the spirit and all you have to do is take the time to ask each day to receive our gifts. Each of you is being opened up to all that is in your field of potential, all of your latent abilities and capabilities, all of the skills that your soul holds in Oneness with All That Is. Hold to your Light and your highest visions and ask to receive the gifts that are offered to you at this time.

Take time each day to open your heart chakra to all the love that is being poured down upon you, for this love is yours for the asking and for the willingness to receive it. You have all been tried and tested for such a long time and now you are ready for a spiritual rebirth into the glorious being of Light and Love that you truly are. Allow any feelings to rise up that is not who you really are; acknowledge these feelings and intend to just let them pass through and away from you. Ask for assistance with this process on a daily basis, for we stand ready to help you to move forward in leaps and bounds.

No matter what occurs in the world around you, hold to your Light and your faith that all is well, that every detail in the ascension of this planet has been carefully reviewed and that this Divine Plan is now coming into fruition. Each of you reading this will know the part that you have chosen and volunteered to play in this great awakening process in the coming days, weeks, months, and years. Truly you are heading into a whole new way of living upon your planet, a way that will eventually result in peace across the planet Earth that has not been experienced by its inhabitants for an incredibly long time.

Each of you is the peace bringer, and the peace maker through the choices that you have been making in every situation that you have been experiencing, letting all that does not resonate with the total alignment with your Eternal Divine Essence be released, transmuted and taken from you. Surrender your human will to the Creator’s Will that the Great Work is accomplished in Divine timing as the days of great change come forth. Gather in your groups to assist in creating these changes, Beloved Ones, and know that where two or more are gathered, there you will also find legions of angels and archangels from the highest realms of Light and love.

We come to bring Divine order to your world, we come to fill your cups to overflowing with our Light and our love. Drink deeply, Beloveds, for this is now freely available to all. All that is required is the awareness of it and the remembrance to ask each day. Trust that your part in the Divine Plan will become much clearer to you as the days move forward. Be ready to change within your human operating system – for as you release and let go and let God, so too, will a greater Light begin to penetrate into every cell of your being.

Become an observer of your thoughts rather than give power to them by dwelling on them. Just observe and let go and replace with a power statement such as “I am the Master of all of my thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds. I am now totally aligned with the ascension timeline and with my Eternal Divine Essence. Not my will but thine be done in and through me for the highest good of all.” If you find yourselves being drawn back into the thoughts and feelings instead of just observing them, go out into nature and sit by a member of the tree family and ask that they give you assistance to ground into Mother Earth and cleanse these thoughts and energies from you, that your auric field is cleansed, repaired and kept pristine and pure.

The key here is that you must ask, Beloved Ones. You are surrounded by legions of angels and Divine helpers and whatever difficulty or challenge you are experiencing at any time can be lessened considerably by your conscious decision to verbally ask. We already see and know the challenges you are going through and can offer guidance and advice on how you can best overcome these so that you can go through your current Initiation with greater ease and grace.

Lastly, I speak to all of you who work with me and the Melchizedek Order and I request that you begin to work with us in a much more conscious way. Establish a stronger connection to our realms so that we align together in a much deeper and more profound level that the greater good for the Earth, all of her kingdoms, and all of humanity may become the new reality, the new template. Your willingness to do this is greatly and deeply appreciated and you are honored for your service. Know that you are loved beyond measure and surrounded always by your Family of Light.

I AM Melchizedek.

Channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff

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