3.7 Mile Long UFO Orbiting Saturn, Lets Contact It! Photos, UFO Sighting News.




Date of discovery: Nov 13, 2020
Location of sighting: moon of Saturn
I was checking out Saturn and accident came across a moon which is not a moon, but an alien ship orbiting Saturn. Moons rotate…this does not. Moons are usually round, this is not. Moons are thousands of miles across, this is not.
NASA says this object from end to end is 3.7 miles across or 6km. The object is 11.4 million miles from Saturn and has an orbit of 452 days. This UFO is similar to a few others that have been seen passing Earths sun.
Now we have identified a 3.7 mile long UFO orbiting Saturn…I would assume the next step would be to try to contact it using a radio telescope and send the same message on several different methods…radio waves, micro waves, and laser. Yes all three methods have been used in the past to send messages…and the last…laser is currently being used by NASA headquarters to talk to the space station. I bet Elon Musk would have the know how to send such a message to the exact position of this alien ship. If anyone could…he’s the man for that job.
100% proof that aliens are orbiting Saturn!
Scott C. Waring – Taiwan

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