2019 Was A Big Year For UFOS


Once thought to be fictional works used to sell tabloids, 2019 has been awash with news of UFOs, aliens and strange phenomena — including reports (complete with video) from verifiably sane sources.

In May, the Pentagon admitted it investigates UFOs-soon after Navy pilots claimed to not only have seen but recorded UFOs during training exercises in 2004 and 2015.

In November, another report in Popular Mechanics confirmed that after the 2004 incident, two “unknown individuals” took the data tapes away and wiped the Navy hard drive

Meanwhile, just around the time the Popular Mechanics report was released, unidentified flying objects were captured on video off North Carolina’s Outer Banks and the Army announced a partnership with Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge’s To the Stars Academy to research alien technology.

But while astronomers say humans finding aliens may take a long time, 2019 was a particularly active year for UFOs visiting Earth.

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, on Sept. 21, in Gallipolis, Ohio, “A husband (former law enforcement) and wife (scientist), while sitting outside their recreational vehicle at a public campsite, witnessed a very bright light approach their campsite from the south in an erratic manner, appearing to slow or stop on several occasions as it drew near. It got within 50 yards, they estimate, of their campsite, at which time, out of a sense of alarm, the husband reached for his .45 caliber sidearm, but he felt unable to use his arm, or lift the firearm. The object, estimated by the witnesses to have been approximately 20 feet in diameter, hovered nearby for approximately 8 seconds, and then suddenly accelerated toward the west, and disappeared very quickly to the west.”

Meanwhile, on Sept. 1, in Taos, New Mexico, “Three elk hunters allegedly witnessed two alien creatures, standing upright, on a nearby hilltop. The next day, two of them return to the same area to look for evidence, and they allegedly witness an unusual looking craft resting on the ground.                                                                                             Closer to home, on Aug. 12, on New Jersey’s Garden State Parkway (near exit 38B by Atlantic City), “A husband and wife were driving north on the NJ Garden State Parkway when their attention was drawn to two peculiar white lights that appeared to be approaching their location. Suddenly, they realized that the lights were affixed to a very large, triangular craft, which maneuvered to above the highway and hovered. The witnesses could see ‘windows’ on the top of the craft, from which light appeared to emanate. Traffic was passing underneath the craft.”

If you’re worried about your home state, a handy UFO HotSpot Infographic was created by SatelliteInternet.com that shows the states with the most alien activity.

According to the infographic, aliens apparently prefer colder climes as “UFO hotspots include Washington State (the home of the National UFO Reporting Center), Montana and Vermont. Alaska and Maine are also popular states for alien encounters.”

The states with the least alien activity are Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama — despite former President Jimmy Carter logging an official report with the International UFO Bureau in 1969, claiming he had seen a self-illuminated, multi-colored UFO before giving a speech at the Lions Club in Leary, Georgia.

Well,  living in Mississippi, I personally know they are around here. People here do not Star Gaze much and being in the Bible Belt so to speak it’s not a hot topic. No Groups or Organizations. Buddy you are on your own here. Hopefully that will change with time and Disclosure.

Thank You,

Nancy Thames


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