2019-04-28 From a Different Perspective – A’drieiuous

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1 thought on “2019-04-28 From a Different Perspective – A’drieiuous”

  1. Is this Adrieiuous my name is Barry i from Northern Ireland in the city of Belfast I have met you before. Way before you came to the planet and before I incarnated you age differently outside of the planet but because you spend so much time breathing earth’s atmosphere you started to age like a human it was because of what was done to the earth’s atmosphere by lower vibrational beings speeding up the ageing process for everyone that comes here or is born here and breathes the atmosphere. I was born in 85 but have memories of talking to you
    way before I came into this prisonplanet to help raise the vibration of humanity when I first came across your photograph I got massive shivers my spine but in a good way because I knew straight away I’ve seen you face before I got a strong sense of déjà vu as soon as I seen those ears and your face then part of memories came back of me talking to you on a different planet they’re only small memories not full memories more like dream state consciousness memories that come back to me is there anyway I can contact you personally by messenger or anything or email I would like to pick your brain with a few questions of my own and experiences have had myself on the ships when I had my awakening back in 2015. my physical experiences I remember certain parts of my existence before I came under the veil of forgetfulness in earth school what is referred to by the source consciousness as the brutal school of hell it was and is a creation in his pocket made of love until it became merged in an algorithm of all the beings thoughts that created a literal prison of the mind. Earth is a living ship that has a living consciousness just like some of the extraterrestrial ships but need thought from the being who is flying the ship people think that extraterrestrial ships are just like the way ships are on Earth. or aeroplanes bits of metal this is incorrect they are living consciousness thinking beings the ship is. it hasn’t got no components that makes it up down left right or even into other dimensions everything is done with thought as u all ready know. with are own consciousness your consciousness connecting to the ship’s consciousness making it fly or pop in and out of other dimensions.


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