100,000-Year-Old Lost Submerged Pyramid Discovered Near Azores, Portugal

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Recently, a mere skipper of a trawler managed to come across one of the most important discoveries of our generation.

Basically, he came upon it by complete accident while scanning the sea with a sonar off of the coast of the Azores Isles when he randomly picked up a huge structure underneath the sea level.

He said that this far exceeded his expectations and that it will be hard to top off this discovery, but he also mentioned that this was not the entire structure, it was a mere piece of another ancient metropolis similar to the one that was discovered in Guatemala.

Not only is this a sunken huge pyramid, but it’s also ancient beyond belief. According to experts, it is at the very least 100,000 years old by now and they also reportedly claimed that this was not made by human hands.

It is simply put way too perfectly built; it is literal proof of an ancient advanced civilization or of alien life forms ancient structures.

There is definitely a lot of buzz going around thanks to this discovery, but what’s really important to mention is that this is in fact one of the most ancient discoveries of the year, making this definitely an amazing day for the young skipper.


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