Zuni Prophecies, Petroglyphs, Kachinas, UFOs, Aliens and Sacred Knowledge

Jun 3, 2011
“A Call to Zuni Youth: Clifford Mahooty Volume One” A new UFOHypotheses.com DVD effort has just been released on February 3, 2011, named “A Call To Zuni Youth: Clifford Mahooty Volume One,” co-produced by Cosmic Chronicles and Under-Appreciated Science Productions, and is available for free viewing on YouTube. This fifty three-minute documentary features Clifford Mahooty, who is a Zuni Elder and member of the New Mexico tribe’s Kachina Society. The Kachina Society jealously guards centuries of knowledge of contact between the Zunis with “star beings.” Mahooty spent many successful years as a civil engineer, consistently advocating for the Zuni and all Pueblo nations, while dedicating decades of his life to his tribe’s spiritual system. “A Call To Zuni Youth” is meant to engage the Pueblo nations, and especially the generations born from 1960 and later, as Mahooty frankly discusses Zuni prophecies, petroglyphs, kachinas, UFOs, aliens and the passing down of this sacred knowledge and spiritual system to the Zuni youth.

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