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World War Weird explains the most mysterious and bizarre events of both the World Wars. In the chaos of battle men claim to have witnessed some of history’s strangest sightings and in the minds of their leaders; ludicrous military plans have been hatched. From unexplained sea monsters spotted by U-boat captains to some of the weirdest weaponry of the Wars, each episode will examine the stories in fascinating detail. Despite decades of research by historians and experts, many accounts still remain a complete mystery. Using de-classified documents and military historians, World War Weird attempts to explain the unexplainable and explore the fascinating history associated with some of the darkest periods in human history. Stalin’s Flying Saucer: At the end of the war British and American troops sweep through Germany looking for the crème de la crème of Nazi Scientists, desperately wanting to enlist them before the Russians. Top secret Nazi blue prints of a super plane are found by the Allies but they suspect the Russians have got there first. A new investigation alleges the most infamous UFO sighting ever at Roswell could be explained by the stolen Nazi wonder weapons Stalin’s scientists got to first… Ghost Army: The Allies have a problem when it comes to invading France, that the Germans are defending all the main ports. For a successful D-day attack they need a plan. Operation Fortitude is the most audacious, crazy plan ever conceived in war time but if it works, the German war machine could be finished. Fake harbours, wooden tanks, even fake armies are all brought to play in duping the Germans. What Happened To Glenn Miller?: Glenn Miller was the darling of wartime America, his music and military band buoyed the troops and lifted morale. But his mysterious death flying across the English Channel has sparked countless theories of cover ups and conspiracies. The weirdest being that Miller was a super spy. Recent investigations allege that the big band hero was doing a lot more than just singing for America, he was actually on a top secret mission to topple Hitler and bring the war to an end!



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  1. I can fathom numerous possibilities, and one of them is Nazis. I think we, as humans, can only process, understand, a minute fraction of what is really happening around us.


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