Why don’t UFOs land more openly?

Because it is not the right time. Our collective karma is such that we do not deserve such a UFO landing. There will, however, come a time when an advanced being from another world will come to earth openly.

Our planetary neighbors do everything they possibly can to help us. In fact they show a great deal more interest in our well being than we do – going out of their way at every opportunity to help bring about peace and enlightenment upon Earth. However, they are not going to force us to change; we have free will – and, to a large extent, we have to learn by our own mistakes.

A helpful analogy is the relationship between a parent and child. A parent may help their child with their homework, but should not do the child’s homework for them. If they do, the child may get good marks for a while, but ultimately will learn very little. So it is with us: if the Gods from space landed UFOs en masse and solved our problems for us, the world would be a wonderful place – for a time; but we would not have learnt those karmic lessons which we need to learn in order to create, and maintain, such a world for ourselves.

People on Earth often ask for signs, and signs are sometimes given. However, rather than asking for signs, the best thing we can do is to give the Cosmic Masters a sign that we – as a planetary race – are ready to welcome their assistance and use their advanced knowledge for good rather than for selfish gain or wanton violence.

 Science has requested a sign from Flying Saucers. I ask science to give us their sign. What sign do we require? Their goodwill, their complete, open-minded honesty and their proof that if we reveal to them the secrets of the vibrations of crystals, these secrets will be used for the benefit of all. We cannot reveal our science to the scientists of Terra [i.e. Earth] until they prove to us their Godliness.

Mars Sector 6
Cosmic Voice; Volume 2

If you, dear friends, did work hard for the benefit of your planet and bring your planet into a certain state of evolution, then dear friends, we would land among you and give you our magic. We cannot give you our magic until you have brought yourselves into a certain position. That is our case. I invite you to give it your most serious consideration.

The Master Aetherius
Cosmic Voice; Issue 16


Contacts With The Gods From Space

By Dr. George King with Richard Lawrence

UFOs and the extraterrestrial message (2020)

By Richard Lawrence

Great Video I found tonight while doing my nightly research time surfing the Internet then quietly head to my back porch to sky watch for 20 to 30 minutes to give my eyes a break from the computer screen and TV . Then head back to start the cycle over.Please remember we all have different opinions, Think Before You Speak or Write Something that is cruel to Others. After all, We are only Humans. Wishing you clear skies and wide eyes. To share your experiences or just leave a comment there is a area below. Read or listen. We are the change the world has been waiting for! Have you witnessed an unidentified flying object? You are not alone. Whether you think UFOs are black projects, extraterrestrial craft, something else altogether, or just don’t know, again: you are not alone! Unconditional love. The road we all get to walk. Unconditional love is like the sun.WE ARE THE DISCLOSURE !!! ~~~ WE HAVE NEVER BEEN ALONE!!!

Love and Regards, Happy Quarantine !

Thank You,

Nancy Thames

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