Why do some scientists believe we need a Special Language to Talk to Extraterrestrials?

Message To Grandma Nancy
Message To Grandma Nancy from the Extraterrestrials for my Granddaughter to give to me.

The quest to establish communication with extraterrestrial or interdimensional beings is a topic that has intrigued humanity for centuries. Many theories and opinions have been put forth, often with varying degrees of skepticism and speculation.

Some suggest that extraterrestrial beings may possess language skills and neurobiology similar to humans, implying the potential for verbal communication. However, others view this notion with skepticism, considering it as scientific conjecture aimed at reassuring the public about ongoing efforts to explore the cosmos, similar to the activities of organizations like SETI.

Yet, some argue that traditional spoken language may not be the primary mode of communication with advanced beings. Instead, they propose the concept of telepathy—a form of communication that transcends spoken words and relies on the direct exchange of thoughts and feelings. Many individuals who claim to have had encounters with extraterrestrial beings report experiencing telepathic communication.

In my own experiences, telepathy has been the predominant means of interaction with these entities. While I have encountered symbols and other forms of communication, it is evident that there is much to learn and understand about the language and symbolism used by these beings.

In essence, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence should begin with the wealth of evidence provided by individuals who have had direct contact with these entities. By acknowledging and studying these firsthand accounts, we may gain valuable insights into the nature of communication with extraterrestrial or interdimensional beings, paving the way for greater understanding and collaboration in the future. As I continue to explore my own Contactee experiences, I remain open to the possibility of discovering new forms of communication and deepening our connection with beings from beyond our world.


With their benevolent nature and genuine desire to establish communication, I suspect that at some point, extraterrestrial or interdimensional beings may indeed offer to teach us. However, the timing must be right for such a profound exchange to occur, ensuring that it is not misused for inferior reasons.

It’s crucial that we approach this potential interaction with utmost respect for the intelligence and wisdom of these beings. Rather than letting our zealous egos dominate, we should recognize that we have much to learn from their advanced understanding of the universe.

While we may be inclined to search for complex technological solutions to facilitate communication, it’s possible that the key lies in something more fundamental: love and respect. These qualities transcend language barriers and are universally understood.

From a scientific standpoint, the concept of telepathy offers a plausible explanation for how communication with extraterrestrial or interdimensional beings could occur. Telepathic communication involves the direct exchange of thoughts and feelings, bypassing the need for spoken language. This aligns with the experiences reported by many individuals who claim to have had contact with these beings.

Moreover, as we deepen our understanding of consciousness and the interconnectedness of all beings, it becomes increasingly apparent that love and respect are powerful tools of communication. By cultivating these qualities within ourselves and approaching any potential encounter with humility and reverence, we may pave the way for meaningful dialogue with beings from beyond our world. Ultimately, it is through a combination of scientific inquiry and spiritual openness that we may one day unlock the mysteries of communication with extraterrestrial or interdimensional beings.


By Nancy Thames

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  1. Hello! I remember our beloved Prophet Rael mentioned when he was approach by a member of the Elohim coming out of the craft that he spoke perfect french and during their conversation the Elohim represenative said he spoke all the languages on Earth obviously he had access to a universal translator par for the course a obvious star trek example or it maybe a translator with technology we know nothing about and perhaps we can clarify with the Elohim exactly what they use when faced with a alien language.I’am sure in the future will have plenty of time to ask these provoking questions and get provokative answers.


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