Why do some scientists believe we need a Special Language to Talk to Extraterrestrials?

Message To Grandma Nancy
Message To Grandma Nancy from the Extraterrestrials for my Granddaughter to give to me.                                                                                                                         A lot of opinions were made to get to the theory that extraterrestrial beings may have similar language skills, and therefore similar neurobiology as humans on earth. This strikes me as a lot of scientific bologna meant to assure the average mind-controlled human that smart scientists are working day and night to unlock the mystery of whether there may be other intelligent extraterrestrial life in the universe. What other organization commonly uses this modality…. hmmm… oh yes! SETI. This sounds a lot like what SETI does to make people believe they are earnestly searching for extraterrestrial intelligence, when they and their Deep State handlers know for a fact that intelligent extraterrestrials exist all around us and regularly interact with humans. According to these ‘deep thinkers’, a major obstacle is how we might communicate with these advanced beings. Have they not heard of telepathy which requires no spoken language, and which virtually everyone who has had an encounter with an alien being has reported? This is the only way I have had my experiences.
















The search for extraterrestrial intelligent life should begin with the evidence that is right here on planet earth with all the people that have had direct contact with all of these entities.

I have only had telepathic conversations with the different beings I have had the opportunity to encounter, so it seems kinda funny otherwise. I have to admit I have seen symbols and  I am sure they  have some sort of alphabet or symbols to represent different things, so as per usual I have a lot to learn, baby steps. As I understand all my contactee experiences.  Blessings to All.

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Telepathic communication with exterrestrial being
Telepathic communication with extraterrestrial being
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1 thought on “Why do some scientists believe we need a Special Language to Talk to Extraterrestrials?”

  1. Hello! I remember our beloved Prophet Rael mentioned when he was approach by a member of the Elohim coming out of the craft that he spoke perfect french and during their conversation the Elohim represenative said he spoke all the languages on Earth obviously he had access to a universal translator par for the course a obvious star trek example or it maybe a translator with technology we know nothing about and perhaps we can clarify with the Elohim exactly what they use when faced with a alien language.I’am sure in the future will have plenty of time to ask these provoking questions and get provokative answers.


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