Who Are These Time Travelers from the Future?

Dr. Bruce Goldberg, author of Time Travelers from Our Future, will discuss how many abductions on board UFOs and secret military bases are conducted, not by aliens, but by us in the future. These time travelers(chronononauts) will be described along with their futuristic technology to travel through the fifth dimension back in time to influence our ancient and present civilizations. Dr. Goldberg will also discuss OBEs, teleportation and cases of his past life regressions and future life progressions and how we can benefit from his hypnotic techniques. About Dr. Bruce Goldberg: Dr. Bruce Goldberg holds advanced degrees in dentistry and counseling psychology and conducts a thriving international hypnotherapy practice in Los Angeles, California specializing in reincarnation, time travel, OBEs and consciousness raising to attain spiritual growth. In 1987 he was inducted into the International Hypnosis Hall of Fame. He has written 21 books published in 21 languages and a dozen scientific journal articles. Dr. Goldberg has appeared on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory, Oprah, Regis, Jerry Springer, CNN, The History Channel, NBC, CBS, Fox and many others. His book Past Lives, Future Lives is the first book ever written on guiding patients into future lifetimes. His second book, The Search For Grace, was made into a CBS TV movie. He has conducted over 35,000 past life regressions and future life progressions on over 18i,000 patients since 1974. Dr.Bruce Goldberg drbrucegoldberg.com Hypnosis exercises are on the homepage, as are free videos of actual hypnosis sessions.



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1 thought on “Who Are These Time Travelers from the Future?”

  1. Hello! I have that book in my collection and I would recommend it to anyone.I keep it by my side at all times and I even use names of time travelers as a chat nickname when I want to chat.Although the Elohim don’t speak through Rael in regards to time travel.I have to admit it fascinates me and my fascination will probably disqualify me from being a Raelian or being cloned back to life on the eternal life planet either way humanity has a abundance of time to figure out and explore time travel.We have the Elohim potential to find out for ourselves whether there is any demonstrable concrete evidence to prove in the existance of time travel.Well I hope we find the answers one day however we can’t exclude the possibility that it has already been done in secret behind the scenes as it were and as the time travelers have said in sci-fi movies and I quote,”We have all the time in the world!”One time travel movie memory comes to mind with those immortal words,”What if!”


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