Who Are The Reptilians and The Greys?(Annunaki, Nibiruans, Nephilim, Chitauri)

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The Reptilians (Nibiruans) are an alien race that perceive time very differently from us. Their current average lifespan is around 250,000 years long. A species’ perception of time depends on the period of the orbit of their home planet around their star. For reasons that are too technical to explain here, this determines perception of time. It has to do with the amount of electric charge inherent in the DNA, and how the inhabiting consciousness interfaces with that. The longer the orbit, the higher the DNA charge, and the faster time is perceived. The speed of a planet’s rotation affects the day/night cycle and thus the body’s biorhythms, but the basic perception of time seems to be determined by the orbit period. Distance from the home star and intensity of solar radiation doesn’t seem to affect the perception of time.
For the Nibiruans, their home planet had an orbit of about 280 Earth years. So 280 Earth years seems like one year to them. Their original average lifespans ranged between 17,000 to 23,000 years, equivalent to 60 to 80 human years. Through the use of advanced life-extension technologies and hyper-sleep chambers, they have been able to extend their lifespans 12x, thus their current unimaginably long lifespans. However, they are in hyper-sleep about 80% of the time, they take turns running the show, so their awake time is only around 40,000 – 50,000 years, which is like 140 – 180 years for a human. Any longer than that, and they wouldn’t be able to remain sane. Consciousness has to be cleansed, realigned and transferred to another body regularly, otherwise the Karma becomes too heavy and the inhabiting consciousness breaks down.
They lost their home planet, so their DNA can no longer be stabilized during conception by the magnetosphere of their home planet, so their RNA mutates wildly during normal conception and they have become degraded and sterile. The magnetosphere of a planet contains, in energetic form, all of the DNA codes for all lifeforms that are allowed to exist on that planet. All plants, animals, microbes, etc. have their DNA codes contained within the magnetosphere. Even the mineral crystal patterns in the crust are contained within the magnetosphere. This is part of the “Divine Design” and is the “Web of Life”. A species cannot survive off-planet for very long. It will usually die out within several dozen generations. This is why Earth is not inhabited by multiple other alien races, all vying for control and using human beings as slaves.
The Nibiruans have been surviving without their home planet for millions of years through the use of advanced technology, but they are a dying species and there is no hope for them. They reproduce and survive through the use of advanced technology, which partially controls the mutations. However, viable conceptions can only happen in the lab now, and are rare. There are only several thousand of them left at this point. They’ve been using the Earth as a giant genetic laboratory to try and create an immortal hybrid species that they can transmigrate their consciousness into. They are an extremely technologically advanced race, and their civilization is around 200 million years old, but technology has its limits, and their objective is an impossible dream and cannot be done. They refuse to believe this and keep trying anyway, because they have no other choice. They are a non-spiritual race, so the secrets of meditation, communion with the Divine, and higher spiritual knowledge and Truth remain closed to them. Those paths have to be accessed through the heart frequency of unconditional love, and they lost their compassion and empathy long ago. They have become callous, cold & self-serving, like a race of Vulcans without morals.
They are not present on the Earth physically, they only visit here for several months once every 3600 years. Their current adopted planet, Nibiru, has a 3600 year orbit around our Sun. The last time they were here was around 0 A.D., thus the advent of a new calendar. So they’ll come again around 3600 A.D. They first begin to play with human DNA a few million years ago, and created the ancestors of the current black race. The original race was a black 12 strand DNA human, but they could not control them, since they were aware of all of the dimensions and higher spiritual knowledge. Each strand of DNA resonates at the frequency of a major human chakra, which is connected to a particular dimension. Having 12 strands of DNA means that you have a 12 dimensional consciousness. They were a race that was enlightened from birth, though they were not technological. You simply don’t need technology and are not interested in it, when you have a 12 dimensional consciousness. So, the Nibiruans disabled 10 strands of the 12 by using a nano-sized GMO DNA retrovirus, which we still carry today. The “junk DNA” we carry is the other 10 strands, and they can be reassembled through expanding consciousness through meditation, though the process is long and arduous. Since then, the Nibiruans have created the other races through genetic tinkering. The white race is the latest Nibiruan human lab rat. Part of the agenda of the ruling human elite is to depopulate the Earth, preserving mostly the white and Asian races, which were the last two races created. With a few exceptions, the older lab rat versions are simply not needed by the Nibiruans anymore, and are taking up space and resources. This is the real origin of White Supremacy, and the reason why the human elites are all white supremacists. It has nothing to do with the color of the skin, only with the version of human lab rat you are. This was the real motive behind Hitler’s master race agenda, for example.
The Nibiruans control of humanity waxes and wanes with the 26,000 year Procession of the Equinoxes cycle. During the Dark Age, the Kali Yuga, we cannot see the truth, and so we are manipulated and deceived and are mostly under their control. Their control slowly vanishes during the ascent into the Age of Light, and slowly reasserts itself during the descent, as we approach the Kali Yuga again. The Kali Yuga is about 2400 years long, and the middle of the last Kali Yuga was during the Dark Ages, around 500 A.D. We are currently in the ascent, and are coming free of their control.
Since they can’t be here physically to rule us, they’ve created proxy rulers, a hybrid human reptilian race that is sterile and lives approximately 3600 years. These are the Annunaki or Nephilim, and are also the Chitauri mentioned by Credo Mutwa. The Nephilim are supposed to be the fallen ones, the offspring of male Gods and female humans. This mythology is describing the hybrid beings who rule us and control the human elites. They are tall (up to 13′) white reptilian humanoid beings who live underground in ancient alien bases, and stay in stasis chambers most of the time. These chambers are tuned to the frequency of Nibiru, which allows them to have long lives while staying on the Earth. They use other life-extension technologies as well. One of the reasons why they Nibiruans don’t come here for very long is because they start to age rapidly on the Earth. So, every 3600 years they return and install a new batch of Annunaki. The Annunaki are very smart, their IQ’s are much higher than ours, and they have created a fake Luciferian pedophile blood sacrifice religion as a control mechanism for the human elites. All human elites, our world leaders in politics, business, banking and the energy industry, belong to this cult, willingly or unwillingly. This is the fundamental reason for the massive amount of pedophilia in the world.
The Annunaki use their advanced technologies to fool the human elites, and they manifest themselves holographically in Satanic rituals to the elites, posing as demons. The human elites don’t know that they’re not actually demons. It’s kind of silly, but this is what’s really going on. And also why the elites have all these weird Satanic rituals and stuff that they do. The Annunaki also heavily influence the human elites using psych energy weapons, which are like low energy particle beam weapons. These psych weapons can project holographic mental and emotional patterns into the brain. These patterns are received on the subconscious level and then interpreted by the conscious mind in various ways, guiding and warping the target one way or another.
The reason why the Annunaki chose a Luciferian blood sacrifice religion to control us, is because at the time they started to reestablish control of us during the descent (around the time the ancient Egyptian empire became corrupted), that was the dominant religion of the strongest tribe, which were the ancient Kazakhs. The ancient Kazakhs were very strong and war-like and had all the qualities that the Annunaki wanted. They simply infiltrated their religion and established 13 ruling families from the 13 sons and daughters of the Kazakhian tribal chief. Their descendants still rule the world today. So, in a way, we have brought this plague of Luciferian pedophilia on ourselves.
By the time the Nibiruans return again, around 3600 A.D., if we haven’t destroyed our current civilization and returned to the Stone Age again (as has happened in the past), then we will be ready for them, and will engage with them as equals.

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