What To Do When Starseeds And Lightworkers Are Under Attack


“If you meet or run into resistance you seem to be doing something right”

If you encounter resistance, displeasure and criticism, then you seem to be doing something right. At the moment the Starseeds, Lightworkers etc. are sometimes heavily under “attack”. As we all know, the old and the dark make a lot of noise while dying and since they see their skins floating away, as more of us are “activated” every day, the attacks are sometimes more violent. We have to imagine it this way: the brighter we shine, the more visible we become for those who want to prevent our awakening.

This applies above all to those who also have a certain “reach”, be it medially or energetically. We know that a starseed, lightworker, etc. has the ability to illuminate up to 5000 people or more in his environment through his light alone, and to positively influence, activate and strengthen their energy fields. That means, when we stand in our strength, we are like bright luminous points that can even be seen from the cosmos and just as we see the stars in the sky, we shine here on earth. I myself have often observed that my surroundings vibrate very harmoniously in a certain radius, whereas when I leave this radius, which is practically “permanently irradiated”, to e.G. to go shopping in another part of the city, the energies are sometimes much harsher and more 3D-heavy-like which can be a rather unpleasant experience at times.

Every starseed, lightworker etc. came here with a specific task and we were all strategically placed to bring light into the dark, which also means that of course not everyone likes this and we can encounter resistance. Even if this can be very challenging at times, it is important not to let anything or anyone prevent us from letting our light shine as brightly as possible. For this we don’t have to do anything special, except to come into our strength and to stay there. This alone is enough to achieve, among other things, a positive benefit for ourselves and the world. So know that if you encounter such resistance, be it energetic, mental or even physical, you have to do something right, otherwise you would be of no interest to those who do not serve the light.

Just see it that way, you get pity for free, you have to work for envy. In this respect, this is even to be rated positively for you, because you are obviously on the right path, otherwise everything, in this phase of awakening that we are currently in, would just splash around without major incidents and we would not learn so much as with these admittedly sometimes very undesirable challenges. All of this only makes us stronger. And if we manage to look at it that way, put on our golden armor full of pride and let nothing or anyone stop us, everything gets a completely different note. It’s always a question of perspective and everything has two sides, so let’s make the decision and choose the one that uplifts us instead of being intimidated by it. Because whether they are aware of it or not, but thereby they help us to become even more stronger and powerful than we have been before and let us tell them: NOW MORE THAN EVER!

Everything we need for this, is laid up in us, we just have to turn the power button to ON, everything else will come naturally.

Together we can do it and WE show them where the hammer hangs. Rise up, shine as much as you can and know, this is already done on a higher level!

Kate Hill

Artist: @joshua_thx



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