A young couple walks through the woods near their home. It is a summer afternoon, and they have taken the expensive camera they rarely use out for a long overdue test drive.

They snap a few great shots of the picturesque landscape and each other, enjoying some time spent out in nature to balance themselves.

When they get home, they take a look through the photographs. They are great, every last one. Until they come across a picture that leaves them a little puzzled – and shocked.

In one of the photographs, they can see an orb of light hovering a few feet off the ground.

Has this happened to you?

Fear not, this is quite a common phenomenon. What you have snapped a picture of is a Light Orb – the near physical manifestation of a non-physical being. A spirit, going about its business.

Blue Light Orbs

Most Light Orbs that we encounter are white. Colored orbs are, in fact, extremely rare and usually represent more powerful spirits than the usual white ones.

And Blue Orbs are very special indeed.