What Is The Light Body – Activating Your New Divine Templates


5/10 2021


During the ascension process, there is an awakening of the light body which is a newly activated energy body taking you from carbon to crystalline. The light body is a part of your aura that until recently was not possible to awaken before the new higher energies and codes came through to planet Earth.

Working with your light body is the most powerful practice for spiritual growth, transformation, and evolution. As people awaken their light body, they are able to handle their emotions, stay centered, calm, transparent, and shift their thoughts into higher alignment. The light body truly helps with every area of life to transform and heal.

Understanding What the Light Body Is and its Purpose

The light body is an energy body that exists at a higher level of being. It is very close to your soul, then the chakras are. You have seven vibrational energy body centers and three light body centers; a total of ten centers and make up your entire light body.

The light body is our vehicle to graduate from the human condition to return to source. The current mission is for each soul to merge with God/Source. It is the activation of our light body that allows this process to occur. The light body also has an octahedron body of light which has the potential to transform into a Merkaba field by activating the light body. As the light body activates and awakens, you learn how to shift from an imbalanced state into a harmonious and higher state of being. Your light body allows you to connect to the energy around you to allow this space to go higher.

The light body is the connection to the higher realms of light and experiencing the soul plane as well as connecting to many divine beings. An awakened light body allows you to transform situations with light, evolving your thoughts as well as open the channel to the divine. As the light body is activated you learn how to shift into different states of consciousness where you can easily take action that is in alignment with the light of your soul and your higher self.

There are multiple illuminated states of awareness you experience by awakening the light body. In these higher states of consciousness you are able to be deeply insightful, blissful, and connect to inner beingness. Through the light body, you become increasingly sensitive to energies of the higher dimensions and this integrates and becomes a part of your daily life.

The Layers of the Light Body and Aura

We each have an energy system that is made up of a galactic cord that runs from the heart chakra and to all source creation (God), and the antakarana which is the first six inches over our heads that connect our crown chakra with our higher self and soul. We are also made up of our aura, subhuman, ida, pingala, nadis, chakras, and meridians. Our aura carries energies from our body, people around us, the environment, our soul, dark energies as well as our past lives. As we go further away from our physical body these layers of the aura become less and less dense.

Advance souls who are highly sensitive can be greatly affected by negative energy within their environment and this can disrupt their energy field. The layers of the aura include the etheric, emotional, mental, buddic, atmic, galactic. As the light body activates it is highly important to have a daily clearing protocol to assist so these energies may release and the activation can flow and go higher.

The Importance of awakening the Light Body

As advanced souls on Earth, many of you are experiencing an evolutionary leap as this light body awakens and the ascension process accelerates. The waves of light that have been coming to the Earth plane have made it possible to activate our light body fully and also more of our DNA.

As you begin to understand, connect, use, and awaken your light body you will see how this transforms all areas of your life. You will become highly magnetic, drawing in opportunities that really make a difference to the world as your light becomes a beacon that radiates love and light. Your vision and clarity will become clearer and you will know what it is you came here to do. Your light body heals you on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The relationship with yourself and others improves as well as connecting to the abundance of the universe.

An awakened light body allows the heart to be open and you can also consciously choose how you want to feel and think as well. Awakening the light body fully will assist your relationships and also especially if you are a twin flame. Your energy shifts and becomes more beautiful, radiant, and magnetic. As your light body activates people respond in much higher ways around you without trying to change them at all. The energy of the light body transforms all.

If you are a healer, teacher, writer, or artist of any kind, your light body will assist you in becoming inspired and intuitive. The light body helps you have a profound and transformative effect on others making you very magnetic to clients and people you are assisting to grow.

The Light Body is a Gridwork of Light & Sacred Geometry

There is a divine grid of light and sacred geometry that makes up the light body and brings together your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual being. Your light body radiates light & electromagnetically links your multidimensional self with the infinite universe and all that is.

Through the light body, you are connected to encoded data through high electrical currents and these are able to assist you in translating and awakening your dormant gifts as well as soul purpose.

When your soul activates you build and integrate your light body and the molecular structure reorganizes, allowing your vibration to rise and the body to become less dense. The light body assists you to become freer to express itself with God source creation.

The Merkaba Field is also what the light body is and is an Egyptian and Hebrew word for the spinning wheel of light energy and information that radiates from the human body as the star tetrahedron, also known as the star of David. This Merkaba is geometrically precise as a field of patterns containing the first eight cells of the fertilized ovum or zygote.

These eight cells are located in the geometric center of the human body in the base or root chakra. This is the center point for all other energy fields and grids that surround the body. This Merkaba field is the matrix of creation and the blueprint from which the physical and subtle bodies are formed. This is where your life journey and soul purpose will be made manifest.

All Spiritual Growth is a process of Unfolding Consciousness

As your light body awakens and you evolve spiritually there will be challenges and lessons that will ten you profound opportunities for growth and expansion. It is important to realize, however, that as you become more connected to your soul, more radiant and filled with light, you gain more skills to move through any challenges with greater ease, flow, and joy.

There are energy centers that power your light body in very significant ways. They are real and definite within you. You have the ability to feel and work with them to create transformation and lasting results on all levels.

You have the ability to go higher, expanding in consciousness, become balanced, stable, gain clarity, access creativity, as well as shifting perspective on life.

Through assessing your light body you will awaken yourself to your highest potential, and develop clairvoyant sight as well as psychic and healing abilities. This is a deeply sacred journey through the heart and soul of the being in which you are.

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