What If We are Being Watched By God-Like Aliens?

Looking up at the night sky and its beauty can be baffling and intriguing experience for many. But aside from this beauty, there can be something scary out there? Or maybe not scary. As Arthur C. Clarke said, “We are either alone in this universe or we are not. What if we are being watched by aliens? @gmail.com – – These billions of galaxies have trillions and trillions of planets and many among them are habitable too. So where are they? Shouldn’t the universe be teeming with spaceships? Well that is the Fermi Paradox. Before we go to the concept of living in a zoo which we discussed briefly in the beginning. You guys might be wondering what a god-like alien civilization is? Based on the Kardashev scale, civilizations are of three types. We have specially dedicated a video to the kardashev scale and its significance, so we suggest you watch that video too to get a good insight on civilizations and their existence. But in simple words, – – “If You happen to see any content that is yours, and we didn’t give credit in the right manner please let us know at Lorenzovareseaziendale@gmail.com and we will correct it immediately”



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1 thought on “What If We are Being Watched By God-Like Aliens?”

  1. Download Google Earth.
    Search for Kerguelen islands, zoom in then tilt the view so that your looking at an angle.
    Look at the entire island, maybe do some research(not much info to find)
    If you find anything interesting, I’d love to hear about it.
    *I found a 400+foot image of the devil, or Loki or some other horned person.


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