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A former Air Force Special Agent reveals the tricks the US Government uses to make cases of UFO sightings disappear.

The idea of a cover-up in UFO circles, even one of mass proportions is not something that is new. Indeed, from the beginning of the Modern UFO era there have been allegations and accusations of a withholding of information and controlling the narratives of certain UFO events. However, it just might be the case that this apparent cover-up is itself a cover-up – a sort of double bluff that just might have worked almost to perfection for the better part of 70 years.

Could it be that governments around the world, and specifically, although not exclusively the United States government has been using the idea of UFOs visiting the Earth, including their occupants abducting unsuspecting members of the population in order to cover up more grounded although no less grim activities? Could the times themselves have been crucial to these apparent double-bluff cover-ups, specifically, the Cold War and the clashing of ideologies between East and West?

The fact is, it is not that much of a stretch of the imagination that such activities could be true, if only in part. And if this was to be the case, it would only cloud the already murky waters of the UFO and alien question even further. And that, as we will discuss, could very well be the point.

A Cover-Up Of The Cover-Up From The Very Start Of The Modern UFO Era

It might be a good idea to return to the very beginning of the Modern UFO era and the summer of 1947, and specifically here, the Roswell crash. Of course, following the apparent crashing of an alien vehicle in July 1947, a press release announced that the United States military had recovered a “flying saucer”. Then, that story was changed, saying that they had, in fact, only recovered a downed satellite.

Most people thought that this was a momentous slip-up by the United States military. However, might it be the case that instead of being a mistaken release of information, the “slip” was a purposeful and well-thought-out plan to plant the seed in the subconscious of the American public that the United States military, and, in turn, the government, was looking to cover-up evidence of the existence of advanced vehicles from another world?

A depiction of a UFO crash

Was the Roswell incident a double-bluff cover-up?

Why would they do this, we might ask? Well, quite simply, any untoward activity that such authorities were undertaking could very well be “explained” as a UFO, and then just as easily dismissed as nothing. It would allow dark government agencies to operate in almost entire secrecy with an easy get-out clause to hide behind.

Of course, it wasn’t just the Roswell crash in the late 1940s that has captivated researchers for over three-quarters of a century. There are several alleged crashes of the late 1940s, with others even seeming to have unfolded in the years before the apparently mistaken release of information in New Mexico.

A Much Darker Secret To Protect?

If there is any truth to some of the suggestions as to what authorities were trying to cover up, particularly at the start of the Modern UFO era in the late-1940s and early-fifties, then we might understand just why they would want to cover over such activities.

Writing in the book Alien Contact: The First Fifty Years, author and researcher, Jenny Randles draws attention to Operation Paperclip, and specifically the many former German rocket scientists who carried on their work with the V2 program that eventually morphed into NASA’s space program. It was during this time in the years following the Second World War (the same time as several reports of apparent UFO crashes entered the public arena) that multiple tests and launches were taking place. And what’s more, many of these tests were taking place in the same regions as the claims of crashed extraterrestrial vehicles.

Randles would highlight how many of these tests – which the public was fully aware of – went “disastrously wrong”, with one particular rocket launch landing in an urban area in a graveyard. Although nobody was hurt, there was becoming an increased realization of the need to keep these tests much more “under wraps”. 

A picture claiming to show charred remains of an alien

Does this picture show mangled spectacles, and so, in turn, suggesting human test occupants (copyright Jenny Randles – Alien Contact)

There were also, according to some sources, tests, and experiments using pilots. And, it has mostly been believed that these pilots were monkeys. However, as Randles points out, a photograph claiming to show the charred remains of an alien pilot also appears to show the crippled remains of a pair of spectacles. Assuming that an alien or monkey occupant would have had no need for spectacles, the only possibility that remains is that the pilot was a human being. And of course, such disclosure of this, as speculative as it might be, would be damaging beyond belief for the military.

Unable to simply keep these tests secret, it was perhaps very much in the interests of the military to have the stories of crashed UFOs that could then be dismissed as nonsense enter the public arena as opposed to the grim news of failed rocket launches that could pose a threat to the general public, not to mention how such news would be viewed on the other side of the Iron Curtain.

The Intriguing Case Of Antonio Villas Boas

It is also worth reminding ourselves of one of the most intriguing, if outlandish UFO and alien abduction cases of all time, that of Antonio Villas Boas abduction who claimed to have been abducted in Brazil in 1957.

Boas would claim that he was abducted by alien entities and forced on their ship. Following several experiments, he then claimed that a “female alien” encouraged him to have sex with her, which he duly did, even claiming that they had conceived a hybrid child. As truly bizarre as this account seems – even to people in the UFO community – Boas didn’t once waver from his version of events.

However, in more recent years, new intriguing information has surfaced regarding the case, mainly thanks to researcher and author, Nick Redfern, who relays this information in the book Top Secret Alien Abduction Files. In the book, Redfern would highlight the revelations of whistleblower, Bosco Nedelcovic – an apparent CIA employee and asset – who informed fellow researcher, Rich Reynolds, that several intelligence agencies had played a part in the orchestration of the abduction. The reason for this was nothing more than to test just how much the human mind could be manipulated using a combination of props and mind-altering drugs. It was essentially, an “in-the-field” experiment of the MK Ultra program.

A depiction of the Boas alien abduction

Was Antonio Villas Boas part of an MK Ultra-type experiment?

It was claimed that the UFO that Boas witnessed descend toward him was actually an unmarked, black military helicopter. However, due to the spraying of chemicals over the field where the farmer was working, he perceived the helicopter as a UFO. Once he was incapacitated, he was taken to a secret location with several rooms inside, and further mind-altering drugs were administered which would make him believe he was onboard a spaceship.

The female “alien” with whom he claimed he had conceived a child was, in fact, a local prostitute who was given orders from the agency on to how to act and what to say. Further drugs were administered before he was returned to the spot where he was taken, where he awoke to see the UFO (or the helicopter) rising above him.

It is perhaps interesting to note that intelligence agencies would often use a combination of mind-altering drugs and the services of prostitutes with their targets for a variety of reasons, not least so they could use evidence of these liaisons for blackmail purposes or to ensure a person’s silence or cooperation. Might the Boas case have been a continuation of that, albeit for a different end goal? And might many further incidents have been the result of intelligence interference?

If the source is accurate and Boas was indeed the victim of some kind of MK-Ultra experiment under the guise of alien abduction, then we have to ask how many more of these apparent abduction encounters are nothing more than discreet and illegal encounters at the hands of the intelligence agencies?

Is This Double-Bluff Cover-Up Still Happening Today?

Could it be possible that these double-bluff cover-ups went well beyond the rocket tests of the late 1940s and early fifties, as well as the MK Ultra-type of experiments in the late fifties and early 1960s? Might some of the other UFO events, abduction encounters, and allegations of crashes be continuations of such procedures in order to cover up whichever secret program was taking place at any given time?

Could it be the case, for example, that some of those who claim to have been abducted by aliens have, in fact, been abducted and experimented on by unknown elements of the military intelligence agencies, with the abduction and the manufactured belief that aliens were behind being very much part of the experiment? If this ever was proven to be the case, we have to ask, what was the end goal of these experiments, and when would they be utilized?

A depiction of a secret meeting

Are UFO cover-ups still in place today?

It is perhaps also worth highlighting that many researchers have suggested that the futuristic craft witnessed during the Belgian Wave were actually top-secret military vehicles. Might we find that such events as the Phoenix Lights incident in 1997 or the waves of sightings over the Hudson Valley in the early 1980s were nothing more than top-secret military test flights that the military happily allowed the public to believe were UFO encounters which they would then, ultimately, dismiss and forget about?

And with this in mind, we might also consider what the reasons might be for the recent apparent admissions from the Pentagon regarding UFO video footage that has been released into the public domain. Is this, once more, a double-bluff type of cover-up?

Could Some UFO Or Alien Encounters Be Genuine?

We might ask, however, even if the above scenarios are true, even in part, are all UFO sightings and claims of encounters with aliens nothing more than double-bluff cover stories to mask various top-secret intelligence experiments, or might at least some encounters be genuine? And if that is the case, just what does the government know about these actual extraterrestrial encounters?

If some of the many UFO sightings are genuine encounters with intelligence from elsewhere in the Universe then it is very much in the powers-that-be’s favor that the vast majority of the public automatically dismisses such notions. Not only can they cover up their own activities but they can keep knowledge of these alleged visitations suppressed indefinitely right in the open.

A depiction of an alien in a forest

Are some UFO and alien encounters real?

The fact is, whether UFOs or their apparent alien occupants are “real” is beside the point in the big picture of world events. Indeed, not only does it allow these secret government departments to cover over the fallouts of their own experiments, but also to dismiss sightings of genuine UFOs and encounters with apparent intelligent life from another world. And this could very well be part of the overall approach. To the average civilian, there is perhaps genuine concern as to what is real and what isn’t.

A Genuine Point To Keep In The Collective UFO Mind

As we can see, then, there is ample reason, and benefit for the United States military and government to have the public believe that are secret experiments and tests – some of which have seemingly gone hideously wrong – are speculative and outrageous cases of crashed alien vehicles. Especially when the vast majority of the public dismisses these claims as nonsense and so believes that nothing untoward whatsoever has taken place.

If nothing else it goes to show just how blurred, complex, and nuanced the UFO and alien question actually is. The more we think we collectively know the more we realize there is so much more to uncover and reveal. And the possibility that these types of double-bluff cover-ups might very well be in place only makes the minefield even more difficult to navigate.

As things stand right now almost all possibilities are open in terms of revealing the secrets behind the UFO mystery. It will take all of us to get to the heart of that truth.

The short video below looks at the idea of disinformation in UFO circles a little further.






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