Ways Alien Life Will Surprise Us

Scientists are sure that we should expect the unexpected! Join us… and find out why! Thanks to books, film and TV, we have a pretty good idea of what we think aliens will look like. Humanoid creatures with larger than average heads, wider than average eyes, and longer than average fingers. But… science tells us that almost all of that is WRONG! In this video, Unveiled takes a closer look at what alien life will really be like… and there are plenty of surprises ahead! This is Unveiled, giving you incredible answers to extraordinary questions!




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1 thought on “Ways Alien Life Will Surprise Us”

  1. What this video is aiming at is almost certainly trying to do is to break down the myriad of alien encounters that have already occurred. It is almost 100% certain that , we as humans, have been in contact with Extra-terrestrials since the mutilation of livestock in the 1930s. Linda Moulton Howe has covered this in many of her discussions into alien people on our Earth. There is also the new strong evidence of a group of the Anunnaki from the times of approximately 130,000 year ago in South Africa. There is vast amounts of evidence to back this up.
    In these attested accounts , nearly all these so-called aliens are humanoid in appearance. There is also relatively new theory that we as humans are a hybrid race created to assist in the mining of gold near Zimbabwe .
    You should also be aware of the relatively new discoveries of giant buildings found at the Antarctic. Navy Seals can also attest to these facts.
    It also suggested strongly that there are about 80 alien species that are said to have visited our Earth in the last millions of years or so, even before the age of dinosaurs. Even to the point that our Earth was seeded with dinosaurs right from the start and then destroyed by asteroid strikes, on purpose at a later date. Our World was therefore used as a laboratory for hybridisation .( hence cattle mutilation more recently ). and abduction cases with implantation of strange devices. There are bound to be exceptions to what I suggest . However , with the new Galactic Ageements across the various races, then the seeding of young planets by bi-pedal humanoids will continue unheeded.. I have read accounts of various groups like NASA and the CIA coming into contact with insect based extraterrestrials. But this seems to be a much rarer occasion than Humanoid groups.


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