Was the Lost Holy City of Agartha Really Discovered Inside the Hollow Earth as Researchers Claim?

Is the Earth Really Hollow? Is there really an Advanced Race of Beings Guiding humanity from an under world right below our very own feet? Is the lost city of Agartha be a real place? You decide, are the stories fact, or fiction? Let us know what you think! We always want to know what YOU have to say. Until next time, Thank You for Watching The WTF Files!

Hollow earth, Inner Earth, Agartha, shangri-la, the lost city of Atlantis, El Dorado, the lost city of Gold. Which ever you choose to call it. Has the holy city of Agatha, as spoken about in legends really been found?
Researchers claim the legends are all true. Since the beginning of time people have spoken of the ancient race of Gods coming from the hollow earth, and sharing information with humanity.
But are the legends true? If not, Why would so many cultures from around the world, all believe in a fairy tale? You decide what you think. does the Hollow Earth World, the holy land of Agartha really exist?

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