Was Jesus An Extraterrestrial? He Who Came Down From Heaven.

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1 thought on “Was Jesus An Extraterrestrial? He Who Came Down From Heaven.”

  1. Hello! When the virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus and supposedly remained a virgin its obvious to me that she was artifically insemenated do to some scientific procedure back than.He remains a prophet of the Elohim to this day and all his abilities were channeled through him were because of the Elohim doing so behind the scenes.That goes for his miracles to his followers lacked a understanding for advance science and technology since they couldn’t explain it.It no doubt could be understood to be a miracle or act of god.When Jesus was executed and his lifeless body laid there the Elohim came and performed a experiment to take a cell sample and use it to clone Jesus on the eternal life planet.His followers witnessed this and wrongfully assumed he was resurrected and he wasn’t taken into heaven but taken into space to live again on the eternal life planet.When Jesus was seen alive again by his followers no doubt he was transmitting a image of himself from the eternal life planet so that his followers would not worry about him.If only they had the scientific knowledge of today they would realize thanks to science and technology where he really was or what he really was.No doubt the Elohim that brought him back had to explain to him how according to science and technology the unreality of god a soul or anything based on a spiritual nature was a illusion or false.If his return to Earth from the eternal life planet happens according to prophesy he will no doubt give people a version of Christinaty that is Raelian in nature.He would have plenty of time to educate himself and those on Earth that there is no god or a soul and that anything having to do with spirituality or mysticism is misunderstood and involves advanced science and technology.Would he after saying this to today’s Christians would he be committed to a mental hospital or proclaimed a false prophet?One can only speculate at this time however Raelians the world over would no doubt believe as I’am sure our current prophet Rael would considering when he visited the eternal life planet on the year of my birth that he was brought to a table where all the prophets of the world’s religions were gathered including of course Jesus.I hope the Elohim stay true to their word and set aside a place for the prophet Rael when his mission like Jesus is completed.As to whether Jesus was otherworldly in nature it is only do to the activity of the Elohim behind the scenes that made him seem that way as for the rest of humanity the aspect of our otherworldlyness can only be explained do to our ET creators contribution of their knowledge in a science lab to help create us and all life on Earth.To bring it about as the creator beings they were meant to be and hoping that humanity will take after or follow in the Elohim’s footstep to realize that were meant to do the samething but do greater things in the process.The last sentence of my comments was inspired by a quote from Jesus in the bible,”You shall do these things and greater things,”end quote!


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