URGENT! The Liberation of Earth Against Reptilians – Galactic Federation 2021 Update!

I am Ashtar, the commander of galactic federation of light, i am here today with new information about our progress on encounters with the dark side. recently, reptilians with their allies occupied mars by setting up their base on the planet. in the last message, i mentioned that we had 3 big battles on 3 different planets including mars. we send our warning to the corrupted souls, if they continue to stay on the planet, we are going to be forced to attack them in order to completely remove them from mars. well, they are collecting forces again and called for satanic entities to help them in the fight against the light. when these dark entities appear, they usually completely destroy the planets and kill entire civilizations. also, the satanic beings can invade human bodies by using their etheric bodies and get attached to human hearts.



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