Up High In The Himalayas Mountains Live The Nyalmo, ” Giant Yeti Creatures”

According to eyewitnesses, on average, the height of Bigfoot is either equal to a human or fluctuates at the level of 2.5-3 meters. However, among the Yeti there are real giants, whose height reaches 5-6 meters. They are popularly referred to as Nyalmo.

The Nyalmo - Giant Yeti Creatures That Live High Up In The Himalayas

In the middle of the twentieth century, the most popular researcher of mysterious creatures was Bernard Euvelmans (Bernard Hevelmans) – a Belgian zoologist who became one of the creators of cryptozoology. In 1957, he went to the Himalayas, where he learned from the Tibetan lama Punyabair about three varieties of Bigfoot.

The first is Rimi – an omnivorous “man-beast” up to 3 meters tall, which lived in the Barun Khola valley in eastern Nepal. The second rakshi bompo, as tall as a man, covered in reddish fur and leaving footprints 20-23 cm long. And the third Nyalmo is a giant 4-5 meters high.

“The heads of Nyalmo are large and elongated upwards. They roam in groups among the eternal snows at an altitude of 4000 meters. In such an empty area, it is not surprising that they are carnivores and even cannibals,” wrote Euvelmans.

Euvelmans says he is not sure if these stories are real or just a myth, but he admits that he has repeatedly heard in the Himalayas about footprints of the yeti, which reach a length of 45-60 cm.

“But there is too little evidence for us to draw any satisfactory conclusions. It is possible that Nyalmo is an invented addition to the myth, based on the belief that yeti increase in size as you climb higher into the mountains,” he carefully noted Eivelmans.

Nyalmo has many similar nicknames given to him by the inhabitants of Tibet, Bhutan and Nepal – Nilamo, Nyulmo, Nyalmu, etc. All of them in translation means the same thing – “wild man”.

It is said that most often the Himalayan yetis are observed by yak herders. They say that all three varieties smell equally awful and have very muscular bodies. And they also like to throw stones from a height, and they hit very accurately.

The Nyalmo - Giant Yeti Creatures That Live High Up In The Himalayas

Sometimes the shepherds stumbled upon caves that probably served as hideouts for yeti, because inside they found the bones of eaten animals and, most curiously, primitive tools, such as stone-tipped spears.

Bhutanese writer named Kyunzan Choden wrote that the Nyalmo is “a very strong, furry creature” that eats other animals and attacks livestock, but never attacks the people of Bhutan.

In some books about the Yeti, you can find a strange story that in 1937 in the Himalayas, a small expedition came across a group of creatures 20 feet tall (6 meters), standing in a circle and singing, as if they were performing some kind of religious ritual.

One of the creatures was beating the hollow tree trunk like a drum, and there was a “sad expression” on their faces. One of the eyewitnesses later said that in the expression on the faces of these creatures “there was nothing from the animal.”

Can primates of such great stature really exist? Euvelmans believed that yes, and that the ancestors of the Himalayan giants could be prehistoric Gigantopithecus monkeys that lived in southern China several million years ago.

The Nyalmo - Giant Yeti Creatures That Live High Up In The Himalayas
Height Comparison Of Yeti And A Human

In the first half of the 20th century, Gigantopithecus teeth could be found in pharmacies throughout China, there were so many of them. And, according to some rumors, these teeth sometimes looked so well preserved, as if their owners had died quite recently.

In 1936, the German scientist Ralph von Koenigswald stumbled upon some giant teeth in a Chinese pharmacy, after which he discovered the existence of the ancient Gigantopithecus. People did not immediately believe in the reality of the existence of such a large monkey, but it was difficult to argue with evidence in the form of teeth.

Later, part of the jaw and humerus of Gigantopithecus was discovered. According to experts, these primates reached a height of up to 4 meters and weighed about 550 kg.




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