Unidentified Submersible Objects: Five USO Cases with High Strangeness

Unidentified Submersible Objects! UFOs aren’t only flying around in our skies. They are also swimming around in our oceans, in our lakes and other bodies of water, perhaps in large numbers. A UFO becomes a USO the instant it hits the water and disappears beneath the surface. What are USOs doing in our oceans? How many of them are there? Where are they going and why are they down there? Until recently, there hasn’t been very much research into USO activity. Now, however, there are hundreds of documented cases. This video presents five USO cases involving high strangeness, including: –Four teenagers encounter a USO in Lake Hamilton, Arkansas and experience an episode of missing time. –A young couple boating on Lake Miccosukee in Florida watch a UFO dive into the water and head straight for them, underwater. –A married couple vacationing in the Bahamas find themselves targeted by a massive USO which swims directly under their boat. –A man and woman walking along the California coast in Mendocino see a UFO dive into the water, and then later, watch it rise up and fly away. –Three people attending a dinner party in Aptos, California watch a USO emerge from the ocean, fly over to the local Moss Landing power plant, and then do something which leaves them all speechless. USOs are being seen all over our planet. It’s time we start investigating these strange accounts and learn what secrets are hidden beneath the surface of our oceans, lakes and rivers. If you would like to explore more about these cases and others, please check out my books, “Wondrous: 25 True UFO Encounters” and “Undersea UFO Base.”


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